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26 Nov 2015

1) Watch the sunset at the rooftop Doña Maria Hotel

Drink a cocktail on the rooftop terrace next to the famous Giralda. If you go during sunset, the Giralda lights up, which creates a magical view. 

rooftop terrace doña maria hotel giralda view

2) Start your day perfectly by having breakfast at La Cacharreria

The most delicious breakfast ever! There’s so much choice for everyone. Very nice bread but also delicious cake or fresh fruits. Of course, the breakfasts are typical Spanish. Definitely worth a try! (Closed at Sundays) ...

21 Nov 2015

If you think about Christmas, you probably think about cold days and staying home. In Seville, the sun shines almost every time. How about a Christmas spending in the streets of Seville, enjoying the sun, sitting on the terraces and watching people? Isn’t that how it supposed to be?
It might not be the first destination that you think about when you’re considering a holiday during Christmas, but there’s a lot to see and discover in this beautiful city.

Seville has got a lot to offer that time of the year! It’s not the most common destination, but there are so many things to do in Spain! We’ll give you some tips and advices of activities in Seville!
First of all, the atm...

29 Oct 2015

Keep the first and the second of November free in your agenda! This date is the date of the famous “Fiesta Todos los Santos”, the All Saints’ Day. The official fiesta is on the first of November, but this year it will be celebrated on the second of November. We call it “Puente”, because it’s a national day off and the first of November will be on a Sunday this year, so everyone would have been off anyway! This year, the Spanish people will be 3 days straight off, that’s why this year it will be celebrated on the second of November.

What is it exactly? Fiesta Todos los Santos is a Catholic day where they celebrate in entire Spain the fact that there weren’t special d...

22 Sep 2015

Do you know that feeling, when the only thing you want is just to hear the sea, feel the fresh air and feel your feet in the warm sand? We know a place where all that is possible: Chipiona!

Chipiona is a little town in the province Cádiz in Andalucia. It’s a small town, with only 17 thousand inhabitants. This coast place is popular by Sevillians. Chipiona is not too far away from Seville and a really good option if you want to go to the beach some time while being in the city.
It’s a quiet place, not too touristic and the people are very kind.  If you like to see the authentic lifestyle of the Spanish people, you should visit Chipiona. You’ll experience the real Spanish...

11 Sep 2015

Did you ever arrive on the airport of Málaga, and just gone straight away to your destination? Think again! Málaga is a fantastic place to visit in Andalucía. The Muelle uno is definitely a highlight, a place at the harbour of Málaga. A fancy and modern pier, which used to be called Muelle de la Farola. In the end of 2011 the pier has been renovated, nowadays it is a 14.000 m2 area, overloaded with shops, all kind of bars and good restaurants where you can eat tapas. It's also a great place for kids, with lots of playgrounds.
The historical city centre of Málaga is a ten-minute walk away from Muelle uno, so make a combination of the beautiful historical centre and this modern hotspo...

01 Sep 2015
It has been a tough project to transform the needs of our customers in practical functionalities that could be easily used, but in the end we have achieved a very good result.
For start, the entire web is now responsive, meaning you can surf it from any device, whether it is a PC, MAC, Android device or IOS. Making reservation of your favourite tour will no longer be a headache!:

New booking method

27 Aug 2015

The Vuelta de España is a traditional cycling race in Spain. The Vuelta de España, the Tour the France and the Giro d’Italia together are called “the three big rounds”. The race is being held almost every year since 1935.

The team time trial started last Saturday, and started from Puerto Banús to Marbella. The official cycle race started last Sunday from Alhaurín de la Torre and finished at Caminito del Rey, a 158,7 kilometre hilly parcour. Each day there is another parcour.

The entire race takes place from last Saturday and ends at the 13th of September. The finish will be in Madrid, but there are many beautiful places during the race which you absolute...

23 Jul 2015

La Velá de Santa Ana: the festival of Triana

Triana has always been and always will be a special part of Sevilla. This week, Triana celebrates the so called Velá de Santa Ana, dedicated to Santa Ana. She was the mother of Virgin Mary and the grandmother of Jesus Christ. Nowadays, she is the patron saint of Triana.

From the 21st until the 26th of July you can be a part of the different festivities that take place. Take a look inside the casetas, which are decorated marquee tents. These tents resemble the casetas used during the Feria de Abril, which are usually private tents, but in the Velá de Santa Ana you can enter all of them!

Also do not...

15 Jun 2015

Sevilla Park Arena will be build around the bridge Puente de las Delicias. At this point, you can already see the Ferris wheel which is part of the Sevilla Park. But there will be much more than this!

The idea of Seville Park Arena is to make it the place where all the big concerts happen. Many artists already confirmed to perform at the Seville park, for example...

27 May 2015

Compared to Seville, Málaga offers way more modern things instead of many historical sights. Don’t get this wrong, because Málaga also has plenty of historical things to show you. But what makes it all so special in May?

The conclusion of the previous blogs, was that the average temperature is great in May. For Málaga it’s the same, although it might feel a bit more chilly because it’s at the coast. This does make Málaga a great place, because you’ll have easy access to th...