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05 Aug 2016


Legend of NO8DO

Maybe you’ve seen this sign many times in Seville, on the street, on a flag or whatever… Well this is the official motto of the coat of arms of Seville. The legend said that this is a rebus combining the Spanish syllables (NO and DO) and a drawing of the figure 8 in between. The 8 is supposed to represent the skein of a yarn which is called “madeja” in Spanish. When you read this aloud “No madeja do” it sounds like “No me ha dejado)” which means It (the city of Seville) h...

01 Aug 2016


Spain being such a hot country, where else could you like cold tomato soup? It tastes amazing and is even better when it’s home-made. Did you know that it arrived in Spain and Portugal with the Romans?


One of the best dish you can try in Spain. The “true” paella comes from Valencia. It’s actually the name of a lot of different rice dishes which have all some distinct ingredients. The one everyone knows has seafood but the Valencian one comes with chicken mixtures, rabbit and snails with beans! We...

29 Jul 2016


If you’re coming to Seville with your family and especially your kids, you might want to know what fun activities you can do with them.

Here is a list of the 6 best activities to do with children:

Bikes tours:

Of course doing a bike tour is one of the fun activities...

25 Jul 2016

From the rooftop terrace of Hotel EME you have the best view on the cathedral. It´s right in front of it and from up there you can almost look inside it. The cathedral gets totally different dimensions when you´re watching it from up there. On some days they also offer a dinner on the rooftop. For more information, you should ask directly at the reception. Reservations are required. The bar is opened every day for drinks. The rooftop bar of hotel EME is one of the most expensive rooftop bars in Seville. A cocktail can be between 10 and 14 €. A beer or a coke around...

22 Jul 2016

Cine de verano

When a city is as beautiful as Seville, no wonder directors and producers want to shoot their movies there - in fact this is one of thing for which the city is known for.

Maybe you’ve seen the following movies, and you thought “wow what a great setting, what a beautiful place”, but you wondered where was it…. Well search no more!
More than 10 movies and TV shows were shot in Seville, here are the most famous ones:The passenger (1975), Miss...

18 Jul 2016

Tapas bar Saint Germain




Tapas are part of the Spanish culture and tradition. Everywhere you go you can try some. But in some cities, the taste is not the only great thing about tapas, the price also. Granada is the only Spanish city where tapas are FREE. Yes, free. You just have to order a drink, and you’ll only pay for that... Pretty great uh?

Granada is such a...

15 Jul 2016












Flamenco is a traditional gipsy dance and song. It´s influenced by different regions like  north Africa, near and far east, and south Europe.

It was danced and sang by the  Moorish, Andalusian and other roots and became famous in the 19th century.  Nowadays flamenco is more famous than ever. Not only in Spain but also on the i  international level.


12 Jul 2016

Seville by night, guided tour Seville.

There are many possibilities for you to organize your visit of the town, but one of them is more original than the others, and maybe you haven’t even thought of it… Visiting Seville by night.

Yes! Being in Seville during summer is great because you can enjoy a blue sky and sunny days everyday. But (yes there is unfortunately a but), this is the hottest season of the year and afternoons can be sometimes unbearable, heat-wise. So you ha...

01 Jul 2016















Where artists get their inspiration

Once Ernest Hemmingway wrote about this city in two of his novels. He visited Ronda often. That´s why there´s a street called after him and in souvenir shops you can still find postcards with pictures of him. He said about Ronda „Ronda is the place where to go, if you are planning to travel to Spa...

27 Jun 2016

There are many bars which show the matches. If you walk over „Paseo Colon“ you will probably find a bar where you can sit down and enjoy the game while drinking a cold Cruzcampo and having some tapas.










But if you´re looking for a real sports bar,

where the football match is taking the center you can for example go to

„O´neills”, which is...