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21 Jun 2016

A tour isn´t just a tour. The people who are joining and guiding it make the tour special. As we have a very familiar and funny atmosphere in our company, our guides could fill in a whole book with stories out of their daily and private tours. This is a short summary of three funny stories from our guides.


While our guide Paulien was cycling with her tour, she became really fast suddenly and she was wondering what’s going on because the road wasn´t downhill at all. Looking back, she realized that two young Spanish inline-skaters were pushing her. Suddenly one of the inline-skaters didn´t pay attention and crashed into the tables of an ice-cream shop. Luckily nobody wa...

10 Jun 2016

Whether you are traveling around Andalusia or looking for a short getaway, Jerez is often overlooked, unfairly so. It’s a small city, but therefore not any less charming than better known Andalusian cities like Malaga and Cordoba for example. Having its own airport with several European destinations, makes Jerez quite easy accessible.

Jerez is easy (and very recommended!) to combine with a trip to the province capital, Cadiz. Cadiz, being almost completely surrounded by water is an ancient port, providing a perfect combination of breath-taking history and a day at the beach.

But what exactly makes Jerez de la Frontera worth your visit? The following 5 reasons will point that...

02 Jun 2016

June is around the corner and the temperatures are rising in Andalusia. A new month means a new line up of celebrations you cannot miss on your trip to the South of Spain.

The Feria madness continues in June in Marbella from June 6th until the 12th, celebrating Feria de San Bernabe. Before the Feria starts off, there’s a King and Queen contest in the weekend prior to it. Sunday at midnight the fireworks go off, which means the Feria can start.

Like other Feria’s you can enjoy the beautifully decorated horse carriages and well-dressed women during the day and some great food and dancing when the sun goes down. However, this particular Feria has two Feria...

22 May 2016

Traveling with kids is always a little different. It forces you to put aside those serious museums and look for fun and interactive ways to fill in your itinerary. However it doesn’t mean you can’t go sightseeing. Sevilla is the perfect city to discover with kids because of its colourful and lively character. We made a selection of things to see and do in Sevilla that won’t leave the kids disappointed.

Go visit the Real Alcazar de Sevilla

Walking around the Alcazar will never have the kids thinking they are doing boring sightseeing. The combination of the wealthy decorated palaces and the beautiful gardens will leave young and old in awe. The kids will also...

17 May 2016

Summer is around the corner and it’s time to start planning your summer holidays. There’s many reasons why Andalusia is an attractive destination, many of which have to do with the SUN! However, it do gets hot here in summer, so a little help in building your itinerary is going to optimize your trip A LOT!  To make most out of your travels through our beautiful region in the south of Spain, we listed some beaches, activities and festivals you cannot miss this summer.

Follow the bike routes in Andalusia

Although not being that well known, a cool way of exploring Andalusia’s nature is by following the Via Verde’s. Go off the beaten path and explore the co...

27 Apr 2016

May is coming up and that only means one thing: a new calendar! April was an amazing month with so much to do. For those who were in Sevilla during the Feria we’re guessing it was month that’ll not be forgotten anytime soon. But fear not, May also has a lot of special events to offer. The summer fairs continue and to be honest, you could go in almost any direction in Andalusia this month and still encounter a feria without even planning it.

Nevertheless, we yet again made a list of those that should DEFINITELY be on your ‘to visit’-list this month.

We ended April’s calendar with Crosses of May, the World People’s Fair  and the H...

12 Apr 2016

Here we are again with a new neigbourhood guide of Sevilla. This time around we’ll be exploring the somewhat posher area of the city, El Porvenir. A small neighbourhood next to the Maria Luisa Park and Plaza the España. The main reason why you’d want to visit this area is if you like Andalusian architecture and the typical houses. El Porvenir features some well-known as well as lesser known villas that are well worth gazing at.

One of the oldest buildings in the neighbourhood is the one on the boarder of El Porvenir, right across the park on Avendida de Borbolla, is El Cuartel de Ingenieros, or translated as the engineer’s headquarters. This building was built in 1901 in romantic a...

01 Apr 2016

Los Remedios is a residential area in Seville. It is made up out of apartment buildings and wide straight streets, which is something quite rare in this city with its narrow and windy streets. The district is completely different than other parts of Seville, and while you may say it lacks the charm other neighbourhoods have, you can find some GREAT food here and do some good shopping too. Definitely an interesting stop for the foodlovers aka foodies among us.

Cata 50

Cata 50 is a restaurant close to the Plaza de Cuba metro stop. On the menu you can find traditional food with a modern touch, a blend o...

30 Mar 2016

It’s been a while since we highlighted a different city than Sevilla and we feel like it’s time to change that. Cordoba is a great trip to do when you’re coming to Sevilla, it’s a city with a lot to offer and we recommend spending at least one or two days there when you’re in Andalusia.

We have some tips for those who like to plan their trip ahead, because some things MUST be on your things-to-see-list!

Visit the Mezquita

To come straight to it, the Mezquita is the one thing you absolutely cannot miss when you visit Cordoba, or shall I say, when you visit Andalusia. This cathedral has switched between religious purposes from a catholic church, to a m...

25 Mar 2016

Bordering the Real Alcazar de Sevilla and the Plaza de España, San Bernardo is a small neighbourhood right outside the city centre. What might not seem like much due to its surrounding residential apartment buildings, might just surprise you once you pass those. The neighbourhood might even be a good fallout base for your stay due to its peaceful and children-friendly character, while still having some of the city’s most important monuments at a short walking distance. Here’s our reasons why:

The parks for a moment to relax: 

The San Bernardo neig...