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3 dishes you should try of the Andalusian cuisine

30 Dec 2016

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In Andalusia, we are very keen on eating well and especially, talking about it. In a conversation with someone in the region, always mention the typical dishes and ask where you can find the best bar to eat them (this can take some time, because it is an elaborated subject for people).

We picked some famous dishes you should definitely try when visiting Cordoba, Seville and Malaga.

Spanish food

A few suggestions to taste the “yummy” things Andalusia has to offer you:

  • Where to eat in Córdoba?

Salmorejo Cordobés


 You can’t leave this city without having tasted the SALMOREJO. This dish of tomatoes,  bread, garlic, boiled eggs with serrano ham is the very best in this city. It was a poor-man's  dish in the past (as many Andalusian recipes) and now everyone loves it.

 Good place to eat Salmorejo: Taberna “La Bodega” in Cordoba.




  • CarrilladaWhere to eat in Seville?

In Seville you can try the CARRILLADA DE TERNERA AL VINO. A very nice meat

dish which you could compare with stew. Carrillada is pork cheek with a special wine sauce and carrots, garlic and shallots. This dish is slow cooked and very tender. The best Carrillada in town is served at Bodega Antonio Romero. It is also possible to make this dish yourself in our cooking class. 



Tarta malaguña Where to eat in Málaga?

 Of course, a typical desert can’t miss in our top 3. In Malaga, you can eat the TARTA  MALAGUEÑA. Made with the sweet wine of Malaga (Moscatel), a lot of almonds and  with raisins on top, this pie is the best in the region! It’s an ideal “dulce” (sweet pie) to  have after your meal and to avoid an after dinner dip. Take some coffee with it, taking  into account that Malaga has 10 different types of coffee... and you’ll be ready for our  afternoon bike tour through the city!

Best Place: Café Central