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28 Nov 2022

Maria Coronel and violence against women
If there is one thing that makes Seville even more mysterious, then it is the legends. There are many stories around the Andalusian city, and one of the most shocking is Maria Coronel's. The United Nations has already chosen as the International Day for the Elimination of violence against Women in 1999, 25 November. Spain adopted a law against gender violence as one of the first countries in 2004. For many women this came too late and especially for María Coronel, who was forced into an abo...

25 Nov 2022

Sevilla Fest 2022, a moment of life on its head
Seville has a rich culture and there is a wonderful festival for dance and theater, which has been organized on five stages since 2006. Fest is the international festival for performing arts. This year is the motto "Son otros codigos. Vuelve el Fest", meaning: “There are other codes (non-confidential). The Fest is back.’’
This new Fest presents a program with a delicious mix of theater, dance, music, performance and shows for all ages. They are innovative and original perf...

21 Nov 2022

“El Salon Internacional del Caballo”, the SIcab is the most important event for the real Spanish horse race (PRE) that has a great international reputation. The SICAB has been held in Seville since 1991 and is the meeting of the national and international equestrian world, as IT brings TOGETHER PRE-breeders and owners from over 60 countries and many participants from children to professionals. There are championship competitions and shows and there is a large trade fair.

THE Spanish horse, our noble four-legged friend from...

18 Nov 2022

Reconquista – Convivencia San Fernando III and Seville
Today we go back to the Cathedral. First, I would like to say a few things about the Middle Ages in Spain. About the time when the Moors had conquered the peninsula of Iberia and Iberia was slowly reconquered by the Christians (Reconquista). But also about a time where often peaceful cohaben (convivencia).These two stories of an era come together at the tomb of San Fernando.

La Reconquista
We go to the period called la Reconquista, “the recapture”. That was a period of...

14 Nov 2022

Calle Feria

The Calle Feria in Seville is one of the streets with the most character and name. In the heart of Seville located five minutes walk from the Metropol parasol you will find the favorite street of many of our guides. Today we take you through the story of this special place.

El Mercado and the flea market
The market on Calle Feria is the oldest market in Seville and has existed since the 18th century. The Calle Feria market consists of two buildings with a small alley in the middle. Inside the market you will f...

13 Nov 2022

Sevilla Rowcity: La 56a Regata Sevilla-Betis

Seville is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. Not only because of its interesting history, the wonderful weather or the good food, but especially because of the beautiful sights and the Guadalquivir river, which flows through Seville. An arm of this river, called the Alfonso XIII canal, is extremely popular with rowers. In this blog I will tell you why there are rowing events and how you can enjoy this sport as a visitor to the city of Seville.

International rowers in Seville...

04 Nov 2022

From 4 to 12 November, the 19th Seville Film Festival (XIX Festival de Cine Europeo de Sevilla (SEFF 2022)), where not only the top of European cinema is shown, but also young talents show their films. Nine days of beautiful European films with always special space for films from Andalusia.


You can watch films from many genres: Feature films, documentaries, short films and non-fiction film, children's films etc. there are always homemages to famous filmmakers or actresses and actors and there are many films to see f...

31 Oct 2022

Traditions and superstition go very well together in Seville, as both the Catholic Church and the Gypsy language at the Sevillanos are anchored in their thinking. Therefore, there are many stories about ghosts and spirits that are told to each other generation by generation in the families. The inhabitants are also affected in their daily lives and conversations, especially among the inhabitants of the La Macarena district.

The district of La Macarena
La Macarena is a neighborhood with more churches than bars - and there are man...

30 Oct 2022

Grievances in Seville

The Halloweenfeest is on the doorstep. Next Monday, thirty-one October, the night of the witches, the live dead and the zombies return to Seville. Autumn begins with one of the long-standing imported traditions, the Halloweenfeest that reaches its peak ‘s night. Nowadays there are also more and more alternatives to daytime. In this blog you will read how the city of Seville changes with Halloween. Make the most of the city this night with spooky sensations, mysteries and terrifying legends, combined with chestnut...

24 Oct 2022

Today we are discussing one of the most beautiful palaces in Seville the Casa de Pilatos. This palace is not only a beautiful building but also has a special history, which is linked to the medieval monument of La Cruz del Campo. This monument has also become the name of one of the oldest Spanish beer brands, Cruzcampo.

Casa de Pilatos

One of the most beautiful palaces to visit in Seville is Casa de Pilatos, a real Andalusian palace, built with a mix of Italian Renaissance and Spanish Mudéjar, with its beautiful mosaics. The pa...