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09 Jul 2023

Hello! My name is Francesca, I’m 18 years old and I live in Caserta, Italy.

I have been studying tourism at the secondary school Terra di Lavoro in Caserta and next year I will graduate.
I’m here because I won a scholarship for one month.

I have liked Spain since I was a child and it has always been my dream to visit it. In fact, I am very happy to be here now.
One of the first day that I stayed here, I visited the Real Alcazar, a very nice monument and now I love it. I also visited Plaza de Espana, my favorite pl...

29 Jun 2023

What a very special experience this has been. I am very grateful to everyone at ATD for this opportunity and I will miss it very much here.

In the first few days I already explored the city with my parents. What impressed the 3 of us was Plaza de España, what a beautiful square. Still one of my favorite places in the city. Of course, I have often seen this square through the tours, and it remains beautiful.

On this square is Maria Luisa Park, where I spent a lot of time on my days off. Especially on the warmer days you can lie...

27 Jun 2023

Enjoying the beautiful Seville, but still want to spend another day at the beach. Then I have some options here for you.

Cádiz has a beach located in the historic center of the city. So, Cádiz is very nice if you want to combine the beach with the beach.
Cádiz also has a beach a bit out of town, Playa de Cortadura. A 3.9 km long sandy beach with dunes.
You can reach Cádiz by car, but also by bus and train.
Bus: + - € 40 return pp. – 1 hour and 45 minutes
Train: + - € 30 return pp. – 1 hour and 46 mi...

16 Jun 2023

Dear ATD colleagues, thank you very much for the fun time I had here. You have made my experience complete. And of course thank you very much for that. Of course not to forget all the people in my tours. Without you, my experience was not complete.

Seville is a beautiful city in which I have gained a lot of experience and of course learned a lot. Not only on professionals but also on my personal level.

The first 2 weeks I mainly learned the most about the city. And that is of course very nice if it is an unknown city. That way...

12 Jun 2023

When you cross the bridge of Traina you see a beautiful ceramic tower protruding, but what is this?

The Castillo de San Jorge was a medieval fortress built on the bank of the Quadalquivir River in Seville. It was also used as the headquarters and prison of the Spanish Inquistie.

The Visigoths thus made a fortress in this area in defense of the City of Spalis, the then name for Seville. In 1171 the king led the water of the Guadalquivir from the castle to the interior of the city, where he had spent a lot of money. The defense c...

09 Jun 2023

Yes, there is another holiday in Seville. The holiday we are going to talk about today is Corpus Christi. This holiday will take place on Thursday June 8. But what exactly does it mean?

The feast of Corpus Christi has a great tradition and many centuries of roots in the city of Seville. It is celebrated sixty days after Easter Sunday and always coincides on Thursday. This traditional feast of the Catholic Church begins in the late Middle Ages and is dedicated to the sacrament of the Eucharist, the body and blood of Christ, in its rep...

05 Jun 2023

Mateos Gago Street is the ‘entrance’ of the Santa Cruz district and starts in Plaza de la Virgen de los Reyes, next to the cathedral. The street is known for the view it offers on the Giralda and the many tapas bars.

The street is located at the highest point of the historic district, with remains of the Archiepiscopal Palace from Roman times. It was inhabited again in the Islamic period and important works were carried out during the rule of the Almohads. Due to the surroundings of both the Great Mosque (nowadays the cathedral) sever...

02 Jun 2023

Are you still looking for a bit of cooling down and do you think the sea is too far? Then there is also the possibility to perform various water sports on the Guadalquivir. This way you can dab, kayak and row.

The Guadalquivir:

This river used to be one of the largest ports in the world. The river is now 604 km long and therefore also mouths from the Cádiz sun 140 km below Seville. This river is so famous for the various water sports because there is no up / down current on the Guadalquivir and no freight traffic. So all you se...

29 May 2023

Archivo de Indias

The Archivo General de Indias or the archive of “Las Indias or the New World” in Seville is one of the most important archives in the world. In this building you will find more than 10 kilometers of shelves full of very important documentation from the Spanish colonial era in America, from the 16th to the 19th centuries.

Originally, this building was the trade fair from 1584 of the traders' consulate, for gold, silver, herbs, and cocoa between Spain and the “New World”. These products entered Europe via...

27 May 2023

Yes, this is a very good question and I will help you with this. Because how can you spend those 4 days the best in a city with so much to see? This blog will help you with this and we make sure you do not miss anything in your 4 days in Seville.

Day 1:
It wouldn't be day one if you didn't start your first day with a bike tour. With this you see a large part of the city and you immediately have a first impression of the city and of course, not unimportant, a sense of direction! You will be at the door here at 9:45 and...