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06 Apr 2020
cathedral in Seville with orange tree

When visiting the beautiful city Seville you can’t ignore the orange trees, they are everywhere! You’ll find them on every corner of the street and especially...

04 Apr 2020
our guide Tim with a blue jacket

If you search on the internet for the greatest novels of all time almost certainly you will find Cervantes’ “Don Quixote” as number one, written at the beginning of the 17th century in Spain. The book narrates about an overly idealistic nobleman who fights alleged injustice together with Sancho Panza, a simple farmer whom he recruited as his squire. It is actually quite remarkable that Cervantes started...

30 Mar 2020
gazpacho soup andalucia

When you’re bored, you probably have no idea what to do. What do you think about cooking an Andalusian dinner for your family at home? If you want to spend more time and afford cooking dinner, then continue reading. We have composed an Andalusian full-course dinner special for you!                                                                           ...

29 Mar 2020
salmorejo tapas cordoba recipe

A great way of tasting the Andalusian tapas, meals, and desserts is choosing the right family in law. This means you will always have direct access to a great p...

26 Mar 2020
ipad with netflix series las chicas del cable

Looking for something to binge-watch is very hard, because Netflix does offer so many series, movies and documentaries from comedy to horror, Netflix has it all. But have you ever thought about watching a Spanish series? We have listed a few for yo...

14 Mar 2020
temporarily closed

Dear customers, 

Andalucía Tours and Discovery will be closed after reviewing the guidelines of the ATD board, and in the best interest of our guests and employees, we are proceeding with the temporary closure of our shop. This will begin the morning of 15 March through the end of the month, until 31 March or further notice due to t...
09 Mar 2020
tabaco factory, university building of Seville

In the center of Seville you can find the university building of Seville, which is the biggest building in Seville. This building has not always been a university. Where did they use the building for, before 1949 when it became a university? 

24 Feb 2020
Mosque-Cathedral cordoba

From Seville, it is very easy to go to Córdoba. The average travel time is 45 minutes when you go by train. Just like in Seville there is a lot to do in Cordoba. In this blog, we’re going to tell you about the four things you must see when you’re going to visit this city! 

17 Feb 2020
<img src="plaza_espana_-_maureen.jpg" alt="intern Maureen at plaza espana seville">

iBuenos días, everybody!