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01 Aug 2022

Hi, my name is Marco Cavallo and I’m 18 years old.
I’m from Turin, in Italy and next year I will graduate at a scientific high school.

I’m not here because of the school but for my personal choice and I’m glad ATD’s giving me this opportunity.

Everybody here is solar and nice to me and that makes me happy because I’m a solar person too, I really like the Spanish mood and also sports and bikes so I think this is gonna be the perfect experience for me.

I don’t have specific qualifications because as I said before I’m...

25 Jul 2022

In this blog we tell you about the best spots to see ceramics in Seville.

In Seville you can find ceramics on every corner of almost every street. Ceramics are used for many things, such as for street signs, but also as art or as a promotion for example a ceramics shop.

Places where a lot of ceramics can be found are in the center, near old buildings and especially in Triana. Triana is an old working-class neighbourhood on the other side of the river. This is where the ceramics come from and are still made!

A nice spot w...

19 Jul 2022

I had so much fun here in Seville at Andalucía Tours and Discovery! And learned so much in only 10 weeks! The time has flown by.

I would like to thank all my colleagues, especially Teun and Carlos. Because of you I had an unforgettable internship, and I will always look back on this period in my life with a big smile!

Seville has given me so many beautiful memories. It really is a beautiful city with everything you need. Seville is very rich in history and when you walk through the city you see such pretty houses and beautiful...

12 Jul 2022

Another one of the city’s icons, this defensive tower from the 13 century built by the Almohads, which was part of the old wall which surrounded the city. It is 36 meters tall, and you can find it next to the Maestranza bullring, on the left side of the Guadalquivir which crosses the city. This is therefore why the San Telmo bridge is the perfect place to enjoy this tower from, and from which you can get great views of the city in general.

Even though in the past it was used as a prison, you can now visit it and go up to the top. In f...

05 Jul 2022

With its historic monuments, excellent dining options and great atmosphere, Seville is a wonderful place to visit. Once you set foot in the streets you will realize that there is a certain magic and charm to it. Watching the sunset on the banks of the Guadalquivir, a walk through Triana or a drink on a terrace after seeing the cathedral are examples of unforgettable memories.

Seville is a city rich in history and culture. One of the most striking examples is the Real Alcázar, a monument that showcases all the wealth the city has to of...

27 Jun 2022

I want to start this goodbye by thanking my internship company, Andalucía Tours and Discovery for the past few months. Especially Carlos and Teun. I want to thank you for the opportunity you have given me and the great time that I had at this company. I have learned a lot at Andalucía Tours and Discovery and from the people who work here. Besides that, this entire experience was very eye opening, and i have learned a lot from it. It was a very pleasant and fun place to work.

The city of Seville was also a paradise for me. A beautiful...

20 Jun 2022

My time here is coming to an end, my internship is almost done, and I’ll leave this beautiful city that I had the privilege to call my home the last 4 months. My 4 months here were full of adventure. After doing the same tour for so long you would think it would get a bit boring, but it’s quite the opposite. Every tour is different, and you can make it your own. The possibilities are almost endless, take a different rout, talk about different things, it’s all possible.
When I first arrived, the team, Lon, Natacha, Oscar, Amber, Teun an...

01 Jun 2022

We also want to show you the best sunsets in Seville so that you do not miss a second of the magic of this area in Spain.

1. La Giralda

We could not start the post with any other recommendation, just because La Giralda is Seville’s image for excellence.
For this icon of the city, we have thought of two possibilities, the first is to admire the view from the tower, although being up there means obviating it from panorama, but is also offers views in return that are spectacular. The other is to stand on a good terrace t...

15 May 2022

My name is Lieke Danhof and I’m 18 years old. I’m a student from Groningen, the Netherlands and I am in the second year of my study called Employee Marketing and Communication.

For my study, we were only allowed to go abroad for an internship in the second year. I was thinking this is my only chance, so I went looking for one early. After searching in Italy and being half hired in London, I finally ended up here in Seville.

I am so glad I chose Seville and this company. The people here are super nice and the work fun...

12 May 2022

This is a week of partying, that lasts from Saturday to Saturday. Every day of this party week starts with a parade of carriages. The location of this huge event is mainly on a terrain opposite of the Maria Louisa Park on the other side of the river, this location is called the Real de la Feria de Abril.

This yearly fair is like a small town, the entire terrain is filled with Casetas. Casetas are personalized tents or booths. These Casetas belong to prominent families, clubs, political parties, or groups of friends. Between 21:00 and...