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29 Dec 2018

One day in Seville

You are close by Sevilla and you decide to visit Sevilla for just one day until you continue your journey to another city. But, what should you do in just one day in Sevilla to get the most out of your day?! In this blog we will help you around a little bit by telling you some activities which you could do in Sevilla to make the most out of your one-day trip.

This blog is divided in three parts; first we will tell you what you could do in the mornings, secondly what you could do in the afternoon and eventua...

28 Dec 2018
Where to go on new years in Sevilla?

This year has almost come to an end, and 2019 is around the corner! So this time we have written a blog for you with a couple of activities you could do with new years in Sevilla! 

There is so much to do and see in Seville all year round, and this is no different around New Years. First off, we will discuss the afternoon activities of the 31st of December. Secondly we would like to tell you about the nightlife during new years eve in Sevilla and last but not least we would like to tell you about the activities you can do at the 1...

10 Dec 2018
This Year's Christmas Celebrations in Seville

Hello everyone!

In this blog, I will tell you about this year's Christmas celebrations in Seville. But why should you choose Seville as the place where you want to celebrate your Christmas? Well, that's an easy one! Seville is, generally agreed, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe has world-class sights and they have a thriving food culture. Furthermore, the weather over here in Seville is also quite warm during the Christmas (in comparison to other cities in Europe). Because of the nice weather, it is really nice to enjoy the...

23 Nov 2018
Christopher Columbus in Sevilla

Christopher Columbus in Sevilla

Welcome to a new blog! This one is about Christopher Columbus. A very important person here in Sevilla. But not everyone knows why he was so important here. Not very unusual, because he was Italian! We will tell you everything about him.


Christopher Columbus is born in Italy, Genua. He went just like almost every other young man in his time to the sailor school. Columbus always had the dream to find another way to Asia. The already established route ran all the way along and...

23 Nov 2018
Why Do So Many Operas Choose Seville As A Background?

Why Do So Many Operas Choose Seville As A Background?

Sevilla is a beautiful city and it gave many famous writers and composers inspiration for their operas and plays. Sevilla is a great location, with great myths and the city is very romantic... With its beautiful houses and squares, romantic balconies and impressive monuments, like the Maestranza bullring and the old Tabaco Factory, it is easy to imagine the equally comic and tragic action of operas taking place around its streets.

Inspired by Sevilla's streets


15 Nov 2018
How was The Netherlands a part of the Spanish Empire?

How was The Netherlands a part of the Spanish Empire?

Hello everyone! Did you know that in the past, The Netherlands was a part of the Spanish Empire? Most people have no idea that this was the case, as it seems highly unlikely that a European country that had such a rich and lucrative past was once part of another, a much bigger country situated at the other end of Europe. I have looked into it and I hope to teach you something, with this blog, about how The Netherlands was part of the Spanish Empire.

A family that played a...

10 Nov 2018
Catholicism in Sevilla

Religion in Sevilla

Something that stood out to me when I moved to Sevilla was that religion still plays a big role in this city. Roman Catholicism is the largest Christian religion in the world, and also the most popular religion in Spain. It is one of the oldest religious institutions in the world, and it follows the Old and New Testament of the Bible. There are about 200 Roman Catholic churches in Sevilla, so you can say it's quite popular here. But why is it so important in this city? And will it stay like that in the future as...

22 Oct 2018
best non touristic places

The Best Non-Touristic Places to visit in Sevilla!

Welcome to our new blog! This blog is about the best non-touristic places of Sevilla. Sevilla has around 700.000 residents, and it is getting more and more popular among travelers from all over the world. But being in a big city like this, means that there are a lot of people everywhere. Are there any places that are cool but only a few tourists come? I will tell you all about it in this blog!

The Guadalquivir

First off, the Guadalqu...

20 Oct 2018
How did Sevilla get its name?

How did Sevilla Get Its Name?

Sevilla has a very long history and somewhere in here the name Sevilla was conceived. In this blog I will tell you about how they came up with the name Sevilla.

First, I will tell you a little bit about the history of Sevilla. Sevilla has had four different population groups many years ago. It all started with the population groups of the Romans and the Greeks, than the Islamic people came to Sevilla and after that the catholic had the power over Sevilla.

Greek and Roman


15 Oct 2018

Hello everyone!

Today I would like to introduce you to the stereotype of the Sevillanos (the people who live in Sevilla). I will tell you a little bit about their habits in this blog. Enjoy reading this blog!

In General 

In general the people in Sevilla are happy people. They know how to live their life to the fullest and they enjoy every little thing. The Sevillianos are hard workers and they are really friendly. Of course there are also people in Sevilla who are the opposite, but this happens all around the worl...