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03 May 2019

In this blog, I would like to tell you something about the April Festival in Seville! Here, we call it Feria de Abril, and it is one of the (if not THE) most fun weeks of the year! The Feria is us...

08 Mar 2019
Palmtrees in Seville

¡Hola a todos! My name is Maxime Wennekers, a 22 year old Dutch student from Breda, and I’m the new intern at ATD! 

Who am I?

 I’m currently studying International Tourism Management at Breda University of Applied Sciences. I got my Bachelor of Arts in Japanese Language and Culture a few months ago after 4 years from Leiden University, which I started studying because I wanted to learn a language I hadn’t had in high school (French, German and English). 
You’ll be seeing my name pop up more on our social...

23 Feb 2019
A new intern at ATD: Yvette!

Hi! I am Yvette and I am a 22 year old Dutch girl! I study management tourism, specializing in tour guiding at the Breda University. I love studying tourism because I get to travel a lot while learning so much about different destinations which is great! My next big adventure takes place here in Seville, this will be my first time living alone abroad and also my first internship.

Why I chose ATD?

Before I started...

18 Feb 2019
Famous things in Sevilla

What is Seville known for?

My mum called me a few days ago and said she watched a documentary about Seville that said it´s the most Spanish city in the whole of Spain.

I have to say I´ve never been to any other Spanish city, but I easily take her word for it. Seville seems to have everything. All the typical things you think of when thinking Spain. Narro...

05 Feb 2019
How did Columbus change Spain?

It would be hard to find anyone, of any age, that doesn't know the name Christopher Columbus. It might be less difficult to find someone who knows the details of his ...

28 Jan 2019
Blue, New Intern at ATD

¡Hola todos!
I’m Blue, a new intern at ATD. I’m originally from Slovakia (for those who don’t know, it’s a little country in central Europe and no, it isn’t in Yugoslavia, that’s Slovenia, and no, it isn’t Czechoslovakia anymore). I’ve been living in...

18 Jan 2019
weird laws in spain

Hello everyone! Have you ever heard about some of the weird laws of Spain? No? Well, they have some weird laws which will make you frown and smile, all at the same time. Curious? Continue reading!

Keep underwear inside

In Seville, the government does not want you to hang particular chlotes outside at the drying line, like underwear. When it is summer your chlotes will dry very fast when you put them outside, because the sun will dry them, but this does not count for your underwear because you have to dry these inside since it...

16 Jan 2019
Fun Facts of Seville

Always have been curious about the funny part of Seville? In this blog we will describe some fun facts of Seville!


Did you know that the Sevillian people often don't eat breakfast at home? They usually prefer to eat their breakfast outdoors. In Spain this is not very expensive, in comparison to other countries, and also very delicious and authentic. You can choose a lot of different kind of breakfasts. For example, you can just take a simple yogurt with some fruits in there, or you can order a typical Sevillian brea...

13 Jan 2019
Palaces in SEvilla

Dear readers,
In this blog we will tell you more about a couple of royal palaces which are in Seville. These royal palaces have a lot of history, so we will tell you about the history of the palaces and we will also tell you about what the palace stands for nowadays.

Casa Palacio de la Condesa de Lebrija

The Lebrija Palace has been built in the 16th century, but it came alive in 1901. It came alive, because in 1901 the countess of Lebrija, Condesa de Lebrija, bought the palace and has restored the whole place for 13 yea...

03 Jan 2019
Reyes Magos

Los Reyes Magos

Hello everyone! This will be our first blog of 2019, so we will start off with an important holiday in Spain, namely: Los Reyes Magos. In English, this means The Three Kings or The Three Wise Men.

This blog has been divided into three parts. First I will tell you about the definition of Los Reyos Magos. Secondly, I´ll tell you about how the Spanish people celebrate this day and finally, I´ll tell you about some of the activities which you can do in Seville this day. Enjoy reading!

So, first of all: What...