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17 Feb 2020
<img src="plaza_espana_-_maureen.jpg" alt="intern Maureen at plaza espana seville">

iBuenos días, everybody! 

02 Feb 2020
Orange tree

On the 28th of February, we celebrate the day of Andalucía, in Spanish known as ‘Día de Andalucía’ here in the region. But what does this day mean for us and what will be going on in the city? We will explain you more about this holiday in this blog. 

Why this day?

The 28th of February marks the anniversary of a referendum held on February 28, 1980. A large majority of voters supported this referendum for Andalucía to become an autonomous community in Spain. Ho...

20 Jan 2020
Beach of Cádiz

Are you on a holiday in Seville and want to check out some of its surroundings while you are in Spain? In this blog, we tell you more about some day trips you can make from Seville and that will definitely show you more from this beautiful region. 

Countryside bike-tour

One of the options we offer besides the bike tours in the city of Seville is the countryside bike tour, where our guide takes you to the most beautiful villages of the...

06 Jan 2020
santa cruz seville

In our other blogs, we have talked about different quarters, for example Triana, where the beautiful art of flamenco started. Today, we want to talk about Barrio Santa Cruz, the Jewish quarter in Seville!

Close to the gothic cathedral of Seville and Real Alcazar, you can find your way through the small streets and alleys of Santa Cruz. Impressing artists making oil paintings and musicians cover the streets here. The main street, Calle Agua, leads you through Santa Cruz and ends in...

29 Dec 2019
rock waterfall maria luisa park

The days, weeks and months flew by during my placement here in Seville, Spain. Twenty weeks that have brought me a lot of positive things. In this blog, I will look back on my internship here in Seville, what I learned and what the city has given me.

I arrived here on one of the hottest days in summer, August 16th to be precise. I stayed in an apartment in the district of Los Remedios during my placement, together with two American students. I loved living a little outside of the center because I really got to be amongst th...

21 Dec 2019
dinner table with red wine

Are you going to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Seville? Then you should read the following tips and must-dos for sure! Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Seville definitely has its traditions and specialties, which can be handy to know beforehand.

In most countries there is a big party on New Year’s Eve when the clock strikes twelve. Everyone wishes each other a happy new year, give a kiss and go on the streets to light some firework. In Spain we do this a little bit different, when the clock strikes, we eat grapes! For each stroke of the cl...

07 Dec 2019
plaza de espana seville

We wrote a blog earlier about this, but we would love to update a few things. 

I want to go to Seville but I only speak English
When you don't speak Spanish, we can imagine you think traveling to/in Spain might seem impossible. If you plan on going to Seville in the (near) future, we have some tips for you!

Do the locals speak English in Seville?
When I moved to Spain, I only kne...

01 Dec 2019
park in Seville plaza de america

Are you planning on going on a weekend trip to Seville? But don’t forget that Sevillanos love their Sundays and that many places will be closed on this day. It is the perfect time for them to visit family and enjoy good food and drinks before the week starts again. But what can you do in Sevilla on Sundays as a tourist? Luckily, many touristic sights are open on Sundays. We made a list for you!

1. Visit the Cathedral
You can’t visit Seville and not go to the largest Gothic cathedral in the world. On Su...

24 Nov 2019

Is it Christmas yet? We can’t wait! Seville is getting ready for the most wonderful time of the year. The streets are being decorated and trees are covered in lights and garlands, which gives the city a magical feeling.

Are you spending Christmas here in the beautiful city of Seville? Christmas here will be probably different than you are used to at home. Seville has beautiful markets and great activities around Christmas that we share with you in this article. Bring your Christmas sweater, gifts for your loved ones and enjoy your sta...

17 Nov 2019
Brownie and smoothie at Bubble & Roll


When you eat vegan, Seville might seem like an impossible destination for a city trip. The locals love their montaditos with Jamón Ibérico and every menu seems to be filled with meat and fish. But in the past couple of years, a few vegan spots have opened and more and more restaurants implement vegan (and vegetarian) options in their menu! You can use this blog as a guide for the vegan hotspots in Seville! Not all options are an all-vegan restaurant, some have meat on the menu as well.