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13 Jul 2020
Quiz time

Test your knowledge about Seville! We have 9 questions for you to answer to see how much you already know about the beautiful city. Take a pen and a piece of paper and write down your answers. Let’s get started!

1. How many people live in Seville?
a. 1.95 million
b. 1.80 million
c. 1.65 million

2. How tall is the Seville Cathedral?
a. 97 meter
b. 105 meter
c. 121 meter

3. What is the original name of Seville?
a. Hispalis
b. Sevilla
c. Hispol...

13 Jul 2020
Washington Irving

We know Seville as a traditional city, loved by people from all over the world. Yearly numerous tourists come to visit the Andalusian capital and get to know the city guided by locals or foreign guides from all different corners of the globe. Nowadays we toast to our differences, but we all know this stream of interest and love all started with one person. Let us call him the ‘’founding father’’ of modern Spanish tourism: Washington Irving. This week we tell you who he is, where he came from and what his connection is with Seville and Spain!...

29 Jun 2020
Internship Maureen

Time flies! My internship at Andalucia Tours and Discovery is over now. In this blog, I will look back on my stay in Seville and the things that I have learned during my placement at ATD Spain.

The first six weeks were amazing, I've learned so much! In the beginning, I was very nervous to give the bike tours, but little by little I became more confident and less nervous. I think I really will be less nervous about giving a presentation now. I’ve also learned how it is to maintain the social media platforms for a company, it’s a l...

22 Jun 2020
New intern Sanne

¡Hola! My name is Sanne, I am 21 years old and I am from the Netherlands. I am born and raised in a town named Uden, near Eindhoven in the south of the country. Currently, I am in the third and final year of my study International Tourism Management at TIO university of applied sciences and I am the new Marketing intern at Andalucía Tours and Discovery.
In my free time, I like to go out for lunch/dinner, visit my friends and drink a glass of wine or gin and tonic together. Traveling is my favorite hobby, but unfortunately, that is not...

16 Jun 2020
terrace seville coffee heart

The way to the new normal goes in Spain on the basis of different phases, 0 - 3, after which the “nueva normalidad” is reached. In phase 0, for example, we were allowed to take a walk again within certain time-zones. In phase 1 we were able to enjoy some tapas on a terrace again, and from phase 2 we are able to go to the beach and we can go shopping in the malls now. Just over half of Spain have meanwhile switched from phase 2 to phase 3. The central Spanish government has no control over this anymore, all the autonomous regions can decide w...

16 Jun 2020
Marie Archivo General the Indias

Hi, my name is Marie and I am the new intern at ATD Spain!

I am from Germany and currently, I am in Seville, Spain, with the Erasmus+ program.

After a lot of traveling through Central America and Europe and a professional training as a foreign language correspondent for German, English, and Spanish I decided to come here to get some work experience.

As I have come around a lot during the 11 months I am in Spain, I had the chance to already visit many places, but so far, Seville is one of my favorite cities in Spain becau...

09 Jun 2020
biznaga symbol malaga

El biznaga malagueña is a symbol of one of the beautiful cities in Andalucia, it’s a symbol for the city Málaga. When you have been to Málaga in summer you can’t have missed them, but their name probably sounds unfamiliar. So what is the biznaga exactly and why is it so special, that it became the symbol of this Andalusian city? You can read it all in this blog!

"A gift from god"

The biznaga what is it? Well simply said the biznaga is a very special flower, a handmade flower of jasmine with a very strong aroma. The w...

02 Jun 2020
sherry wine jerez de la frontera

Jerez de la Frontera or Jerez is a city in Andalusia, Spain, and is the largest city in the province Cádiz. Jerez is known as the city of flamenco, horses, motorcycles, but the thing where Jerez is known for the most is the famous sherry wine. In this blog, we’re going to tell you more about Jerez de la Frontera and her sherry wine.

The Sherry Triangle

Sherry wine (Jerez, in Spanish) refers to a large scale of fortified Spanish wines made from white grapes that grow near the Andalusian city, Jerez de la Frontera. So, there are...

26 May 2020
parque María Luisa Sevilla

The María Luisa Park, also known as El Parque María Luisa was the first city park in Seville. Officially, most of the grounds of the park were the former gardens of the Palace of San Telmo. But in 1893 princess Luisa Fernanda, donated them to the city of Seville for public use.

Nowadays, the park is a place to relax after an active day in the city center or a place to cool down because of the hot temperatures, but besides that, it is also a place to take beautiful pictures. El Parque Maria Luisa is large, which makes it difficult to...

18 May 2020
Beach Seville María Trifulca

Seville is with her high temperatures and beautiful weather one of the hottest cities in Europe. Therefore, it is very nice to cool down in the water during the hot summer days. Back in the days, for this, many people went to the beach in the city itself. But Seville is not located on the coast, so Seville couldn’t have a beach? Well, actually Seville had a beach named “La playa María Trifulca”, better known as the hell of Seville…

If you want to know why continue reading because in this blog we’ll tell you everything about this beac...