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26 Oct 2020
Shopping in Seville

Are you planning to go on a holiday to Seville and does your wardrobe still need an upgrade? Or are you looking for gifts or souvenirs for family and friends? Then don't pack your suitcase too full and go shopping in Seville! This city has extensive shopping areas ready for your enjoyment! Discover the shopping areas of Seville with us below in this blog to get to know to shop, from the multinationals to craft product shops and other more innovative offerings.

Calle Sierpes -...

19 Oct 2020
Markets in Seville

Seville is a paradise for people who love to wander through markets. The city offers multiple markets with various products. Whether you are looking for ingredients to cook with, antique products, art pieces or something special, Seville is the city to visit! Usually, these markets are open from the morning till 2 pm. In this blog we will tell you more about the markets that are still open (for now) during COVID-19 in Seville.

Mercado de Triana
The market started in 1823 and is also known as the Plaza de Abastos. Mercado de Tria...

12 Oct 2020
Budget proof Seville

Does Seville seem like a beautiful city for your next city trip when you’re able to visit again, but are you afraid that it’ll be a hard time with a small budget? No worries, we got you! As in every big city, there are things that come with the price but in this blog, we show you how you can spend a nice Sevillian holiday on a budget!

In Seville, there are a lot of things to visit for free, which is of course great and also makes it a lot more accessible for everyone. Public places such as the María Luisa Park, Plaza de España and Jar...

05 Oct 2020
Vineyards in Andalusia

Spain is a country where wine is of great importance. For Andalusians and the rest of Spain a meal is not complete without a bottle of good wine, also called 'vino' in Spanish. For special occasions they will serve their 'reservas' which are bottles of wine with the best quality. In this blog, we will tell you all about the history of wine in Andalusia and where to go.

Since 1100 BC, people from the region Andalusia started to produce their own wine. This interest in wine arose when the Greeks introduced them 2.500...

28 Sep 2020
Our new interns Bob and Daniek

¡Buenas dias! We are Bob and Daniek, both 19-year-old students and we are the new interns at Andalucía Tours and Discovery.

¡Hola, me llamo Bob! I was born and raised in a small village in the southern part of the Netherlands but currently, I live in Breda for my studies. At the moment, I’m in my third year of International Tourism Management at Breda University of Applied Sciences.

As you might have guessed already, I really love to travel. Experiencing different cultures and different views are one of the best feel...

28 Sep 2020
Spanish lesson about bikes

Are you planning to discover Andalusia by bike? Then it would be helpful to know a little bit of Spanish! We wrote down a number of words and sentences for you that might be useful during your bike tour. Let’s get started!

First of all, we made a list for you with the Spanish translations for the components of your bicycle and other helpful words:

The bike – La bicicleta
The wheel – La rueda
The tire – La cubierta
The seat – El sillín
The chain – La cadena
The handlebars – El manillar
The bra...

21 Sep 2020
Internship Sanne

Unfortunately my time as an intern at Andalucía Tours and Discovery has come to an end. 14 weeks felt so much shorter than it was, but you know the saying: time flies when you’re having fun!

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic I was not able to go to Seville myself for the internship, so I did it from home. This was quite a different experience than usual and I had to make sure to stay disciplined and keep track of my planning. Because the temptations of doing fun things when it is 30 degrees outside can be quite big.

The tasks I had...

14 Sep 2020
ordering food

When you are on a holiday in Spain you most likely consider going out for dinner at least once during your stay. Especially in Seville it is definitely worth it to visit a typical tapas bar. But in Spain not every waiter in the restaurants speaks English. Therefor it might be helpful to know how to order food in Spanish! We made a small list for you to get started.

To start you want the waiter to come to your table so you can order your food. You can use "¡oiga, camarero!" and after that ask for the menu: “¿podría traerme la...

07 Sep 2020
michelin star

There are many restaurants in Seville and the rest of Andalucía where you can enjoy delicious food. But some of these restaurants have an award called the Michelin Star. We will tell you what a Michelin Star is and which restaurants in Andalucía have one.

The Michelin guide was first published in 1900. This guide was originally intended for French motorists to see where they could find a decent place to eat and spend the night along the way. In 1933 the ‘Stars’ were introduced to highlight special restaurants. Nowadays the Michelin S...

01 Sep 2020
one day in seville

You are close to Seville and you decide to visit Seville for just one day until you continue your journey. But what should you do in just one day in Seville to get the most out of your day?! In this blog we will help you around a little bit by telling you about some activities which you could do in Seville to make the most out of your one-day trip and are corona-proof!
This blog is divided in three parts; first we will tell you what you could do in the mornings, secondly what you could do in the afternoon and eventually we will tell yo...