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01 May 2020
Roberto atd Spain bike tours

It’s well known all over the world that the accent and so many words from the Andalusian dialect are very difficult to understand for a foreigner that is trying to learn the Spanish language. We Andalusians cut words at the end and in the middle, we pronounce them as we like, we talk faster, we change letters, and sometimes the faces of the people can tell you straight away that they are getting nothing from our conversations.
If the case is that you have a new partner from abroad and you want that person to meet your family at your vi...

27 Apr 2020
museums Seville

When going on a city trip, visiting a museum is something that probably is on your to-do list. Usually, you go to a museum to see the exhibitions. But have you ever thought about the museum buildings themselves? They also can be very special. In this blog you can read about museums which are situated in very unique buildings. Do you want to know which museums we’re talking about? Continue reading, because we’ll tell you in this article!

Museo marítimo de Sevilla (Maritime museum of Seville)

This is a museum that has two floors....

24 Apr 2020
Intern Jovanni

To be honest I’ve only seen one Spanish movie in my whole life and it was like two years ago. However, I have already watched two Spanish series: Élite and La Casa de Papel. I highly recommend them. Anyway, I’m going to tell you more about that movie. The title of the movie is Verónica and it was released in 2017. Verónica is a movie that belongs to the horror genre. I like horror movies a lot and that's the reason why I decided to watch this one. I have also read some good reviews of the movie and people said it was the scariest movie...

20 Apr 2020
Replica Nao Victoria Seville

Did you already know that the Spanish expedition to the East Indies organized by a Portuguese explorer started in our city, Seville? In this blog you can read about this expedition, the Portuguese explorer, but you can read mostly about the Victoria, the first ship that successfully made a journey around the world.

Oh happy Magellan

The Victoria was built at a shipyard in Ondarroa, a town located in the province of Biscay (northern Spain). At that time the basques were well-known shipbuilders. The Victoria was named after the...

17 Apr 2020
Guide Michiel

“El olor de Sevilla”

In this blog, you can read about my favorite smell in Sevilla, “azahar” or like they call it here “asaar”. Azahar is the beautiful white flower that appears on the orange trees when they are in Bloom. Around the city Seville there are almost 15.000 orange trees, “naranjos” as they are called.

The beautiful city Seville is filled with azahar in March and April, this sweet smell and the beauty of this white flower tell us that the spring has begun. On a few stops during our bike tours, we can enjoy this smell...

13 Apr 2020
doñana national park

Through entire Spain, you can find many different national parks, for example, Ordesa and Monte National park, in Aragón and Cabañeros National park, in Castilla la Mancha. Of course, there are more! In the region Andalusia, there are two national parks: The Sierra Nevada and Doñana. In this blog, you can read more about the beautiful Doñana National park which is located 42 minutes from Seville and in which we have done several tailor-made tours with Carlos.

Three provinces

National park Doñana, Parque Nacional de Doñana or a...

11 Apr 2020
Our Guide Teun

The Spaniards (and especially the Andalusians) are always up to a bit of drama, you’ll never have to be scared to get bored. Not even at rainy days when you have to stay at home. Because even though some regular conversations in a Sevillian bar can already make you feel like you are part of an hour-long artistic dialogue from a Spanish movie, also watching a good Spanish program can be a lot of fun.

And, oh yeah, they do love their own versions of television concepts. The first thing you have to take in mind is that you will need som...

06 Apr 2020
cathedral in Seville with orange tree

When visiting the beautiful city Seville you can’t ignore the orange trees, they are everywhere! You’ll find them on every corner of the street and especially on squares in the city center. There a...

04 Apr 2020
our guide Tim with a blue jacket

If you search on the internet for the greatest novels of all time almost certainly you will find Cervantes’ “Don Quixote” as number one, written at the beginning of the 17th century in Spain. The book narrates about an overly idealistic nobleman who fights alleged injustice together with Sancho Panza, a simple farmer whom he recruited as his squire. It is actually quite remarkable that Cervantes started...

30 Mar 2020
gazpacho soup andalucia

When you’re bored, you probably have no idea what to do. What do you think about cooking an Andalusian dinner for your family at home? If you want to spend more time and afford cooking dinner, then continue reading. We have composed an Andalusian full-course dinner special for you!                                                                           ...