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“My favorite Andalusian word”- Roberto

01 May 2020

It’s well known all over the world that the accent and so many words from the Andalusian dialect are very difficult to understand for a foreigner that is trying to learn the Spanish language. We Andalusians cut words at the end and in the middle, we pronounce them as we like, we talk faster, we change letters, and sometimes the faces of the people can tell you straight away that they are getting nothing from our conversations.
If the case is that you have a new partner from abroad and you want that person to meet your family at your village, you better have the subtitles ready, the accents from the villages are a lot more difficult to understand, even for people from cities in Spain, because the accent also changes from one province to another.

There are a few provinces that have a word or words that, if you hear them, you will know straightaway where that person is coming from. For example, if you hear the word “miarma“, which is a mix from “Mi“ and “Alma“ (the Andalusians change the ”L” for the ”R” sometimes), this expression will tell you that the person is from Seville. If you hear “picha” you know the person is from Cádiz, and if you hear “compae”, which comes from the word “compadre” (godfather), you will know the person is from Granada.

There is an Andalusian phonetic translator, that you can use to translate to Andalusian, any word that you like.

The word that I like the most from Andalusian is “Noniná”. This is the only word that tells you 3 times “no” but it’s a very big yes. No – ni – ná, “ná” is a short word for nada/nothing.

Here an example:
- Didn't you like visiting Sevilla trough Andalucía tours and Discovery bike tours?
- Noniná

This will mean that you had the best time you could have with ATD bike tours and you will recommend it to everybody. So when you come to Sevilla, don´t forget to use it!!

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