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"My favorite Spanish movie" - Jovanni

24 Apr 2020

To be honest I’ve only seen one Spanish movie in my whole life and it was like two years ago. However, I have already watched two Spanish series: Élite and La Casa de Papel. I highly recommend them. Anyway, I’m going to tell you more about that movie. The title of the movie is Verónica and it was released in 2017. Verónica is a movie that belongs to the horror genre. I like horror movies a lot and that's the reason why I decided to watch this one. I have also read some good reviews of the movie and people said it was the scariest movie of the year. That even excited me more to watch Verónica.

Let’s tell me a little bit more about the movie storyline. For that, we go back to 1991. The main character Verónica lives with her mother, two sisters, and brother in an apartment in Madrid. Recently Verónica’s father died and her mother has to work a lot since, to make sure the family has enough income. At home, Véronica is alone with her sisters and brother and decides to take care of them. One night Verónica invites two friends to use the Ouija board to reach out to her father. After they’ve done that, strange events start to happen inside the apartment …

The sequel of the story I won’t tell you. I invite you to watch this movie by yourself. Do you dare to watch this horror movie? Watch the trailer:

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