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25 Jan 2014

Sevilla Fútbol Club – Levante Unión Deportiva

Tonight Sevilla F.C. will be playing against Levante U.D.

Get your tickets in the stadium of Seville.

When? Saturday 25th of January 2014.
Time? 22h
Costs? between 25 - 60 euros

24 Jan 2014

Enjoy an oppertunity to be guided through the old Tabacco Factory, which is now the University of Seville. This tour of approximately 120 minutes shows you the history of the old factory. 

When? Friday 24 January 2014
Time: 18 o'clock
Costs: Tickets are 11,95 euros, 19,95 euros for duplicate entries. 50% discount for students and seniors (limited tickets)

Tickets are availabe online at


28 Dec 2013

To continue on the lovely dishes and different kind of food Spain has to offer, we will be talking about the typical dishes, which can’t be forgotten during your stay in Spain. And for now, we’ll focus on Córdoba, just two and a half hour-driving away from Sevilla and with her own character.

Getting confused by all the new and unknown names of the different dishes, while reading the menu card in a (local) tapas bar in Córdoba? We will help you out! Dishes such as gazpacho,salmorejoajo blanco...

28 Dec 2013

But also the Gruta de las Maravillas (the stalactite caves) is an amazing part of Aracena. The influences of different cultures are still visible in this town and nowadays Aracena brings you a lot to see!


First of all, as said before, the stalactite caves are a big attraction. It is one of the most spectacular cave systems in Spain. And absolutely worth a visit (inside the complex there is also a geological museum)! According to a story, the caves were fo...