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07 May 2014

In 1847 Queen Isabel II gave permission to the city to celebrate a fair which was meant to attract many businessmen and other public to the city. It was a huge success and from then on, the fairs where celebrated every year. 

The fair of Seville is always celebrated in spring time. It is organized to inaugurate this season; two weeks after Easter. The original name is "Feria de Abril", which means: "The fair of April". Though, since Eastern was late this year, the fair is celebrated in May. Together with the daily bull fights dur...

24 Apr 2014

SEVILLA F.C. - VALENCIA C.F.  at 21h. 

Hit your local pub and watch football with the locals or buy a ticket at the stadium:



10 Apr 2014

The tradition of Semana Santa is very old and goes back to the Middle Ages. Every year it is celebrated on Palm Sunday and it goes on until the Sunday of Eastern. The most beautiful moment is the so calles "Madrugá", when the statues are carried around on "tronos" (decorated altars) by brotherhoods during the whole night. Sometimes, people are watching the procession, which is enlightened with candles and then sing a special flamenco ode to the statue of the Virgen Mary. This is called a "saeta" and it will be the only thing you´ll hear in t...

02 Apr 2014

osborne bull, toro osborne

Though, when driving through the wonderful nature of Andalusia, we also get to know another kind of bulls: the bulls of Osborne.

Our local Sherry brand (Osborne) placed these black bulls in nature to promote their products. Already in 1956, the artist Manolo Prieto from Cádiz came up with the idea of putting silhouettes of black bulls on hills, next to roads...

26 Mar 2014

Natural fiber and special chain stays make these bikes very exceptional, light and beautiful at the time. Especially the road bikes of cyclowood are used a lot by professional cyclists and also by amateurs. 

Now we will keep on working so in a few years we can provide our visitors with a nice, special, wooden cycle of which we are proud because of its innovative, Spanish character!



23 Mar 2014

You can join the bike tours we do every day, in cities like Seville or Málaga, sign up a great Spanish cooking class or...

12 Mar 2014

The Internationale Tourismus Börse was also this year very busy with over 60.000 visitors from Germany. People that booked their summer holidays, city trips and activities outside the country on the biggest international tourism fair.  

Andalucía Tours and Dreams was one of the 114.000 professionals from hotels, touroperators and destination companies visiting this fair to present its new pr...

03 Mar 2014

Check this out: 


26 Feb 2014

In honor of this famous flamenco artist from Cádiz and his enormous contribution to the world of flamenco, please enjoy this video:


¡Paco, que descanses en Paz! - R.I.P. 

19 Feb 2014

A Choripan is a sausage called chorizo (say: tjoriso) between some bread (pan). 

Couldn´t be clearer, a very inventive name. So if you would like to check out

what this VERY Andalusian tradition is about, head to the Sarmiento Park

of Cordoba the 15th of March (whole day). Here you can taste this traditional dish

at the "Festival Mundial del Choripán" (World Festival of Choripan) 

There will be 60 bbq...