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12 Jun 2014

Andalucía Tours and Discovery is trying to its best to not get devided. Our guides, all from different countries, are already betting for weeks who is going to be the winner of the world cup..

Although tonight is important too, most of us are trying to see if the match the Netherlands - Spain is going to be the final match of this championship again. like four years ago. The party in Seville was amazing and some of our Dutch guides had to pretend they were Polish to be safe on the street ;) The head of the beautiful statue on Constitu...

07 Jun 2014

Every year we are amazed again by the precious pelgrimage in Andalusia, named "El Rocío"This pelgrimage goes from all corners in the region to the town with the same name. 

Here you can find a beautiful little chapel where you can find the statue of the virgen "El Rocío". Many people in Andalusian take the chance to sing, walk and eat together to take on this journey. Some still do the journey the traditional way, on horseback, or in gypsy-sty...

05 Jun 2014

Are you interested and: 

- already living in Seville and dutch-speaking (guides)

- planning to do a communication studies or tourism studies internship in the city?

Email your CV to:

dutch guides and interns

28 May 2014

One afternoon, so many of you in life. In the car after work on my way home from my sister. On the head the problems of everyday life and makes you have to go in a hurry; "

- You have to go to the supermarket, otherwhiseno dinner tonight, the little girl has done another growth spurt and you have to buy clothes, will expire Car M.O.T ... Christ! "


20 May 2014

Another year has returned to Sevilla to thrive. This time it has to support this popular sport that is gaining more followers. Triathlon ..

But what is so fashionable about it?

Personally I think it is the cocktail of sensations transmitted and the easy attachment of different sports to practice and close to the general public.

This makes it able to practice from elite athletes to groups of friends with no more claim than having a fun time. But beware, beware, it is very addictive!… Year after year many runners repeated...

17 May 2014

At school, I was thought Columbus (Colón in Spanish) was born in Genova, Italy in 1451 and that his family was originally from Valladolid. There is a big but though... New studies claim this isn't sure anymore. Columbus was born in Lissabon maybe, or was he from Galicia in northern Spain? A difficult questions to answer, since Christoffer never really wrote down when he was born and where exactly he was living in his childhood. It could be that the religion of Columbus was the reason for him being mysterious about his origins. It is s...

17 May 2014

Andalucía Tours and Dreams already rented two Specialized road bikes to participants of the thriatlon. We are very proud they found us on the internet and we assured them the best material. 

We are wishing Antonio and Carlos all the best. Keep up the good work!


More info: and

15 May 2014

The fair of Jerez is one of the most beautiful of Andalusia and sure you will enjoy it. With some little Jerez wine (also known as "sherry"..) and a bit of dancing, you will have a great time. Here you can download a map of the whole fair, so you´ll know where to go. This year it is the week after the MOTO GP, so both activities will be noticed in the city.The Horse Feria of Jerez...

11 May 2014


Good afternoon to everyone, 

Much has been talked about the new reform of the traffic law of 2014 and many of us are misinformed and fearful that our disinformation can result in misunderstandings.

I know that the changes can produce confusion and anger, but we must understand the "why" of these changes.

As we have observed, in recent years the landscape of our city has changed ; pedestrian zones, bike lanes, tram rails, ... changes in order to improve mobility and the quality of the air we breathe....

09 May 2014

There will be many festivities, concerts and theater in this botanical garden of Seville until the end of the summer. Did you know it was based on the design of the Alhambra and that a French designer made it? 

For more information on the park and the activities, check the culture page of Seville: