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The fair of Seville (La Feria)

07 May 2014

In 1847 Queen Isabel II gave permission to the city to celebrate a fair which was meant to attract many businessmen and other public to the city. It was a huge success and from then on, the fairs where celebrated every year. 

The fair of Seville is always celebrated in spring time. It is organized to inaugurate this season; two weeks after Easter. The original name is "Feria de Abril", which means: "The fair of April". Though, since Eastern was late this year, the fair is celebrated in May. Together with the daily bull fights during the week, the spring festivities are complete. 

Going to the fair is very important if you are in the city. People totally dress up in their "traje de flamenca" (gypsy dress) or in a suit with typical "sombrero". If you have a horse carriage, you can go round the city and have a good time singing "Sevillana" songs. At noon (14h) it is time to eat at the fair. This is when you have to search for your "caseta". That is a little wooden house where you can eat, drink and dance. Normally you are invited in by someone you know, or you can go to the public "casetas" of the town hall and sindicates. Late at night you will have to walk back on your high heels or sticky boots... be sure you will get a horse with carriage so you don't have to bother about getting home! 

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feria in Seville