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17 Nov 2019
Brownie and smoothie at Bubble & Roll


When you eat vegan, Seville might seem like an impossible destination for a city trip. The locals love their montaditos with Jamón Ibérico and every menu seems to be filled with meat and fish. But in the past couple of years, a few vegan spots have opened and more and more restaurants implement vegan (and vegetarian) options in their menu! You can use this blog as a guide for the vegan hotspots in Seville! Not all options are an all-vegan restaurant, some have meat on the menu as well.




09 Nov 2019

In the beautiful old monastery ‘La Cartuja’, close to the expo terrain of ’92, you will find the museum of contemporary art. If you are a lover of art, this museum should be on your list when visiting Seville. A ticket is only 3 euros and don’t forget the museum is closed on Mondays! Check their opening hours and address here! The museum is also perfectly accessible for people with disabilities.

The history of the museum
The contemporary art museum used to be...

03 Nov 2019
Picture of rain on glass window

Seville is known for its sunny climate and very cold days are rare. But of course, we do have some rain here every now and then, especially between fall and spring. In the summer, the chance for rain is very low. But what do you do on a rainy day here in Seville? You can bring your rain clothes and still visit the highlights of the city with one of our guides, but you can also decide to enjoy yourself indoors. The possibilities are endless! In this blog, we show you our favorites! 

1. Visit a museum
A rainy...

22 Oct 2019
Picture of one of the jellyfish species in the exhibition

Whether you are coming to Seville with kids or not, definitely take some time to visit the impressive Acuario de Sevilla, located next to the river, close to the well-known Maria Luisa Park where we cycle during our daily bike tours. Dive into the experience of another species during your stay in Seville! They are open every day from 10:00 until 19:00 and tickets can be bought on their website or at the desk but then you pay 1 euro extra per ticket. 

It takes about 1-2 hours to see the whole aquarium. You walk in glass tunnels so...

20 Oct 2019
Image of the monument of Columbus in Jardines de Murillo

When you have been in Seville, you have most likely walked through the well-known Maria Luisa park as well as the smaller park next to it: Jardines de Murillo. If you haven’t been in Seville yet, definitely do not skip this place! These gardens are next to the Real Alcazar, the royal palace in Seville and during our daily biketours our guides show you these gardens and tell more about its history.

The Jardines de Murillo are the result of a gift in 1911 from the Huerta del Retiro del Alcázar and are named after the famous baroque pain...

13 Oct 2019

For the second year in a row, the MTV EMAs are coming to Spain! This time it will be held in the cultural and lively city, Seville. On the evening of the 3rd of November, the annual EMAs will take over the FIBES Conference & Exhibition Center. Get ready for a night full of breathtaking performances from your favorite artists. And believe me, you don’t want to miss this!

Nominated artists
In total there are 17 different categories with awards such as ‘Best US act’, ‘Best Artist’, ‘Best look’ and m...

06 Oct 2019

Trick or treat! Slowly the season is changing from summer to fall, it is Octobe...

30 Sep 2019

During our...

23 Sep 2019

It rises above all buildings in Andalusia: red, modern and shaped like a lipstick...the Torr...

16 Sep 2019

During our ...