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Sevillian Cuisine

24 Aug 2022

The typical Andalusian and more specifically Sevillian cuisine varies a lot depending on the time of year, cold dishes being very common in summertime, due to the heat of the land. It is a cuisine based on the Mediterranean diet, that is, all products of the earth. In Summer, it is common to eat dishes like:

- Picadillos - the picadillos consists of minced tomato, onion and pepper and seasoning it with salt, oil and vinegar. To cool it quickly, ice cubes are added.
- Salpicón - the seafood salpicón (like a seafood salad) is basically a picadillo to which we add crab sticks or pieces of octopus or squid, depending on the taste of each one, it can be done in several ways.
- Summer salads usually include lettuce, tomato, onion, tuna and boiled egg, and white asparagus, cucumber and carrot strips can also be added. Any of these three dishes are usually eaten with the main course. Other different typical dishes:
- Russian salad (Ensaladilla rusa) - Andalusian Gazpacho - Fried fish (Pescaito frito) - Serranito (warm sandwich popular in Sevilla) - Andalusian stew (Cocido andaluz)
- Pringá
- Spinach and Chickpeas
- Bull tail (Cola de toro)
- Callos
- Flamenco eggs (Huevos a la flamenca)
- Dressed potatoes (Patatas aliñadas)

Tinto de verano: So far we have the dishes, so now we have a typical drink, tinto de verano, something I do not understand why other places and countries do not have since it is not complicated to do. It's as simple as mixing red wine with homemade lemon or homemade white.