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Icónica Sevilla Fest

23 Sep 2022

Iconica Sevilla Fest

Since 2021, the ‘’IconicaFest’’ has been held in Seville. It is a huge dedication to national and international artists and artists, which is also due to the iconic venue of the festival. This place is one of the most famous squares in Seville, Plaza de España. The setting is of course also incredibly unique because it is already a very imposing building itself, but during this period a creature is put on top by a large stage and several gastronomic occasions are offered. Here visitors can enjoy the best cuisine of the city during the festival, thanks to ´´The Village´´.

The Village

The concept of ´´The Village´´ focuses on one thing, namely giving visitors an enhanced culinary experience in an incredibly special place. ´´The Village´´ is located between Plaza de España itself and María Luisa Park during the festival. In ´´The Village´´, there are two options this year to enjoy the best food that Spain has to offer. The ´´The Gourmet Market´´ and the ´´Restaurant 1929´´. The second restaurant is named after the 1929 Iberian-American exhibition, which is so much to be seen in the city and which of course the Plaza de España is designed and built for.

´´The Gourmet Market´´ will have several catering facilities this year, besides this, they also have their own musical proposal. So this is the ideal place to enjoy and remember with family and friends and you have two stages for the price of one when you decide to visit Iconica Fest. There is something to do every day on these late summer evenings.

In short, it's an incredibly unique opportunity to experience one of the most iconic festivals in one of Seville's most extraordinary places. There are few possibilities to experience such complete experiences in the heart of our city.

Famous artists

During the festival, there are plenty of genres that young and old can enjoy. Think of pop, rock, rap, r&b, but also classical music is not missing in the line-up of Iconica Fest. Some famous artists are Deep Purple, 50cent, Culture Klub & Boy George, Ludovico Einaudi, and Becky G

Light show

ICONIC Lights is a special lighting experience, which can be experienced every day at the Festival in Seville's Plaza de España. This light show will surround the entire square, including the surrounding gardens and adjacent squares. There is also a visual connection to the 30-year anniversary of the Universal Exhibition of 1992, which can also be visited. The light show can be enjoyed on days when there is no concert, at all hours at point, from nine o'clock in the evening to midnight (four shows per day).