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12 Jan 2022

Parque Maria Luisa

If you come to visit Seville, it is definitely recommended to take a walk, cycle or scooter through the park. It is a very beautiful park, with nice places, where you can sit and enjoy the peace. In addition, you can also go there with the family, as there are many facilities for the children to play. But how exactly did this park come about and where are the nice places? In this blog I am going to tell you my three favourite places in the park and what you can do there!

If you have been to Seville, you may...

28 Dec 2021

When you walk along the Alfonso canal, you have probably noticed a high tower in the distance. A tower that doesn't really fit in with the rest of the city at all. This is the Torre Sevilla. I will tell you more about this in this blog.

The Torre Sevilla is the highest tower in Seville but also in Andalusia, it is 180 meters high.
The construction of the tower started in 2008 and was finished in 2015, so Torre Sevilla is actually not that old at all!
The architect Cesar Pelli is an Argentinian architect and he design...

20 Dec 2021

Seville is known for many different things; tapas, flamenco, but not really for the beer.
Yet here is a brand of beer that is extremely popular among the Sevillians. "Cruzcampo". You can often find the name on shutters or chairs of cafes and if you sit on the terrace or in a restaurant and you ask for a beer, you will most likely get Cruzcampo beer.
I'm going to tell you more about this today.

Origin Cruzcampo
Cruzcampo was founded in 1904 by two brothers from an entrepreneurial family, which original...

13 Dec 2021

Flamenco is a traditional southern dance that you see a lot in Seville.
Besides the street performers that you see a lot at Plaza d'España or Puerta Jerez, there are also many flamenco shows here. If you come to visit Seville, it is certainly a loss if you have not seen flamenco.
I went to a flamenco show with some colleagues and I'm going to tell you a bit more about this.

The show we went to is called “Tablao el arenal”. When you go to the show you can choose between 3 different options.
- Going to the s...

07 Dec 2021

Christmas officially begins in Seville, with lighting up of the city's Christmas lights on Friday, November 26. At 7:00 PM, more than 280 streets and squares in Seville and various neighborhoods of Seville are lit up with Christmas lights.

Prado de San Sebastian
Seville will once again open “Seville On Ice” this year. Every Christmas, the gardens of Prado de San Sebastián turn into a Christmas-themed winter amusement park. Here you will find attractions for children, an ice skating rink and an ice kart circuit.

22 Nov 2021

Who am I?
Hello, my name is Steffi Kers I am 18 years old (almost 19), and I live in Schaijk Noord-Brabant. For my study in the Netherlands, I got the opportunity to do an internship abroad. So here I am!

What do I like to do?
In the Netherlands I do BMX. I do this now for 11 years and I really like it. Now here in Seville I can cycle on a ‘normal’ bike trough the beautiful city, Seville. I also like good food and watching movies or series.
In my daily life I like to help people and give them a nice day. So I am very...

15 Nov 2021

In Seville there are a lot of rooftop bars where you can have a drink. These rooftops all have a super nice view one by one. With a skyline such as Seville has, it is no wonder that these rooftops were created here. And of course Seville has the perfect rooftop climate. But which rooftop bar should you definitely visit? We have listed the best ones for you here!

1. Terraza Eme This is one of the most popular rooftop bars in Seville. This is the closest to the cathedral, but because of this location and because it is a hotel bar the p...

09 Nov 2021

Hello everyone, my name is Sophie, I am 18 years old and I am from Breda. I am studying marketing and communication in Tilburg and I am very happy that I can do my internship here in Seville at Andalucia Tours and Discovery!
I am here to keep the website and social media up to date, I can also guide you during the bike tours through Seville!

Why Andalucia tours and discovery?
I chose this company because the activities in this company matched my interests well. For example, I really enjoy telling different people what they...

01 Nov 2021

Our bike tours in Seville are back!

After having to close the shop for a while, we are finally back with the daily tours through Seville and the bike rental. And this time better than ever before at our new location. Calle Alcalde Isacio Contreras, 1 in Seville.

We are still busy with the renovation, but we are very happy to welcome you again in the store, but also to introduce our new team. We will keep you informed on our Instagram stories about the changes.

As soon as the store is finished, there will also be a vide...

27 Nov 2020
ATD team

Dear guests at Andalucía Tours and Discovery,

Unfortunately, we are forced to temporarily close our business due to COVID-19. As soon as we open our doors again, you'll be the first to know! Therefore, keep a close eye on our social media channels. You can always reach us by email or phone as well if you want to book at our company. Stay safe and we hope to see you very soon! ¡Hasta pronto!

Kind regards,

Team Andalucía Tours and Discovery