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16 Dec 2022

Seville on Ice
In the Netherlands there is light skating fever these days. There is now the first natural ice cream this winter. But if you are in Seville …. Then you can enjoy the ice cream at Seville on Ice, Europe's best and largest winter fun park with 80,000 m² of fun and delicious food.
There are several ice skating rinks and many more attractions, such as a Ferris wheel and a real Christmas circus. It's wonderful to go with your family and you've been warned: Your children don't want to leave! Or go for...

12 Dec 2022

Don Juan Tenorio in Seville
It’s a popular and literary tradition, which is staged in Spanish theaters, the play Don Juan Tenorio on All Saints. Due to the great success it is staged until mid-December at the San Fernando cemetery.

Don Juan the story
Don Juan is a woman's version who likes to seduce women and fight with their men. The story begins with Don Juan who meets Don Luis in a crowded wine shop in Seville to discuss who of them won the bet: Who has won more women and murdered their men? Of course Don Juan wins...

09 Dec 2022

Football in Seville
Bético or Sevillista? Real Betis or supporter of Seville FC? It is an important question in the Andalusian capital. Because Seville not only loves flamenco and tapas, but is also a football-mad city. The most fraught struggle for the honor of the city is undoubtedly the Gran Derbi Sevillano. Warm-blooded when the Andalusians are, a visit to a match of either club is a guarantee of atmosphere and football passion anyway. Real Betis supporters are known for their unconditional loyalty and have been voted the best supp...

08 Dec 2022

In the Netherlands, we sing every year that the Saint arrived by steamboat from Spain. Almost everyone knows that St. is born in Turkey. In the 4th century, Nicholas was the bishop of the place Myra and was declared holy. But what does this have to do with Spain? In fact, it is only about the history of Spain and the Netherlands. During the 80-year war (1568-1648) between Spain and the Netherlands there was still a lot of trade between the two countries. The Dutch exchanged gold and silver for herbs and oranges. The people in the Netherlands...

08 Dec 2022

The traditional Christmas lights on or above the streets and squares in Spain always create a mysterious and cozy atmosphere. Today‘s Christmas lights are no longer as bright as they were a few years ago. The arrival of the energy efficient and easy-to-maintain LED lighting has made it possible to see the most beautiful creations in the Spanish cities. They are truly works of art due to the beautiful colors and shapes. The sky above Seville is transformed into a light-colored sea. The luminous micro spheres and the garlands hang across the s...

28 Nov 2022

Maria Coronel and violence against women
If there is one thing that makes Seville even more mysterious, then it is the legends. There are many stories around the Andalusian city, and one of the most shocking is Maria Coronel's. The United Nations has already chosen as the International Day for the Elimination of violence against Women in 1999, 25 November. Spain adopted a law against gender violence as one of the first countries in 2004. For many women this came too late and especially for María Coronel, who was forced into an abo...

25 Nov 2022

Sevilla Fest 2022, a moment of life on its head
Seville has a rich culture and there is a wonderful festival for dance and theater, which has been organized on five stages since 2006. Fest is the international festival for performing arts. This year is the motto "Son otros codigos. Vuelve el Fest", meaning: “There are other codes (non-confidential). The Fest is back.’’
This new Fest presents a program with a delicious mix of theater, dance, music, performance and shows for all ages. They are innovative and original perf...

21 Nov 2022

“El Salon Internacional del Caballo”, the SIcab is the most important event for the real Spanish horse race (PRE) that has a great international reputation. The SICAB has been held in Seville since 1991 and is the meeting of the national and international equestrian world, as IT brings TOGETHER PRE-breeders and owners from over 60 countries and many participants from children to professionals. There are championship competitions and shows and there is a large trade fair.

THE Spanish horse, our noble four-legged friend from...

18 Nov 2022

Reconquista – Convivencia San Fernando III and Seville
Today we go back to the Cathedral. First, I would like to say a few things about the Middle Ages in Spain. About the time when the Moors had conquered the peninsula of Iberia and Iberia was slowly reconquered by the Christians (Reconquista). But also about a time where often peaceful cohaben (convivencia).These two stories of an era come together at the tomb of San Fernando.

La Reconquista
We go to the period called la Reconquista, “the recapture”. That was a period of...

14 Nov 2022

Calle Feria

The Calle Feria in Seville is one of the streets with the most character and name. In the heart of Seville located five minutes walk from the Metropol parasol you will find the favorite street of many of our guides. Today we take you through the story of this special place.

El Mercado and the flea market
The market on Calle Feria is the oldest market in Seville and has existed since the 18th century. The Calle Feria market consists of two buildings with a small alley in the middle. Inside the market you will f...