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01 Jul 2018
sierra nevada, spain


Go somewhere else than the Alhambra!

A lot of people already know about the beauty of Granada and almost everyone visits Granada on their roadtrip through Andalucía. Sadly, a lot of people who visit Granada forget to visit the Sierra Nevada. That's a shame, because after visiting the big city, who doesn't want to see some beautiful nature?

You can easily combine a trip to Granada with the Sierra Nevada. I recommend you to stay three nights or four nights in Granada. This is perfectly enough for you to see the...

01 Jul 2018
Old towers and walls of Sevilla


La Torre del Oro

La Torre de Oro is one of the landmarks in the city. This tower used to be built in the thirteenth century by the Moors to defend the city. They used to have a pontoon bridge between this one and the neighbourhood on the other side of the river, which is today known as Triana,_Seville . This bridge was built to destroy the boats from the enemies.

El Torre de Oro used to be found at the Guadalquivir, but because of the Lisbon earthquake in 1755, it collapsed...

03 Jun 2018
alley in Cádiz


Some time off

Last week I had some days off and it was boiling hot in Sevilla, so I wanted to escape the heat and relax a bit. Some Sevillan friends of mine advised me to go to Tarifa or Cadiz to visit some peaceful beaches and unwind. So that is what I did! I went solo travelling from Sevilla to Cadiz by train. This was really easy, because if you go by train from the Santa Justa train station to Cádiz, they drop you off in the city centre and it only takes about two hours to get there. I stayed in...

11 May 2018
a new adventure by loek


Who am I?

Hola, qué tal? My name is Loek and I am a tourism student from The Netherlands. I am the latest addition to the ATD-team. I’m an intern and I will be a guide from May until September. 

Why Sevilla?

Well… this is a little bit weird; I had never been in Sevilla before and also I don’t have friends or family living here. Somewhere deep in my heart I just knew Sevilla would be the city that would fit me best. And well, I am living and working here now for just a little more...

06 May 2018
spain football team


Some history

Since the 19th century, football is being played by Spaniards. It was introduced by the British workers and sailors. The first club was created in 1889: Recreativo Huelva. Quickly followed by Athletic de Bilbao and FC Barcelona.

Copa Macaya was first Catalan competition. This was an annual football competition between Catalan clubs. Afterwards, in 1902, the Copa del Rey was established, which was a comp...

22 Apr 2018
spanish olive oil


Why do Spaniards and Italians love olive oil so much?

Olive oil is part of the Spanish tradition. It is made in several regions and they use it in almost every dish. The ingredient is used to add flavours, to dress salads and to fry food. Another fact is that the Spaniards are the second biggest olive oil consumers worldwide, just right after Greece.

Where does olive oil come from?

Olive trees were originally spread from Armenia to Palest...

18 Apr 2018
horse show spain


Equestrian show in Spain

Some of you might have heard of the Andalusian horse breed. It is also known as the PRE, the Pure Spanish Horse. This centuries old breed derives from the area around Sevilla in Andalusia. Because the Moors ruled the south of Spain from the 8th until the 13th century, this breed has both Spanish and Arabian roots. In 1570 king Felipe II, a lover of horses, founded the Royal Stables in Córdoba. He set out to create and breed the greatest horse to ever exist. Since around this...

02 Apr 2018
How to find the best flamenco dress

In my last blog you learned all about the history of the flamenco dress and what it is/looks like. If you didn’t read that blog yet, be sure to check it out here. I also told you that I bought my very first flamenco dress. It was quite a process, it was almost like buying a wedding dress (even though I have no idea what that would be like because I have never bought a wedding dress i...

23 Mar 2018
mantilla veil


Semana santa, what is it about?

Seville has many events, but one of the biggest and most important religious festivals is the ‘Semana Santa’. This holy week starts 25 March and ends 1 April. This is an amazing time to visit Seville. The first time Semana Santa was held was in 1350, and eversince then people from all over the world have traveled to Seville every year to see the impressive processions and lifelike statues on the streets of this historic city.  

What about the traffic...