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17 Apr 2023

On the left side of the Guadalquivir is the district of El Arenal. El Arenal has been translated for sand and this district has been given its name by the sand plain that used to lie here. The district of El Arenal was especially important in the past because the port was located here. Seville was one of the most important ports in the world.

In the past, the Guadalquivir was very important for transport in the area. This certainly led to the development of Seville at the beginning. Nowadays, the city is much less dependent on the po...

14 Apr 2023

Feria de Abril, this party is also known as one of Seville's most famous festivals. It is always 2 weeks after Semana Santa, Sunday 23 April until Saturday 29 April the weather is so far. A weeklong party with music, dance, food, drink and a carnival. This sounds like music to the ears!?

The origin of the Feria de Abril:

In 1847, the first version of Feria de Abril Sevilla was organized by two council members, José María Ybarra and Narciso Bonaplata. Initially it was created as a cattle market, but this soon turned into a...

10 Apr 2023

The guardian of the city, San Fernando, a name that you hear here much, conquered Seville on the Moors in 1248. He made Seville Christian again. He lived in the Real Alcazar Palace until he died in 1252 at the age of 51.

Because San Fernando had done a lot for the church and his hard struggle for Christianity, he had been given the nickname for the Holy Place. In 1671, this king was sanctified by the pope named Clemens X.

How can or are you declared sacred? First, the person in question must have died, you cannot be officially...

08 Apr 2023

Plaza de Toros also called the bullfight arena of the city. And then I see you thinking, are they still doing that here? Yes, in the period from April to October there is a bullfight every week. Let it be just April now and the season has begun!

Plaza de toros is the bulls fighting arena of the city of Seville. The arena was built in the 18th century. In 1881 it was further finished and since then the arena has been used as bulls fighting arena.

In this arena, sun will fit 12,000 people. According to connoisseurs, it is the mos...

05 Apr 2023

Seville is a city with many Moorish influences, but what did these Moors do here?

For centuries, the Moors ruled Spain from 711 to 1492. During the Reconquista, the Moors took possession of all of Spain in a few years. In 710, Musa Ibn Nusair decided to let an army of thousands of Berbers cross the Strait of Gibraltar. In the following years, the Islamic armies conquered all of Spain.

Al-Mutamid, also known as Abbad III, grew up in Seville, as Sevillian. He was the 3rd and also the last leader of the Taifa of Seville in al-Anda...

01 Apr 2023

You've probably all read the blog about Semana Santa and the Macarena. These 2 are therefore very important for the city of Seville. But, what can you see all this week?

What does this mean and what happens?

On the night of 6 on 7 April, one of the oldest brotherhoods will go on the street To walk from their church to the cathedral. These brotherhoods starts Thursday evening and often come back the next morning/afternoon. But why do they do this? The tradition would come from the time of Carlos III. In the theme of moderni...

27 Mar 2023

La Macarena is the oldest brotherhood in Seville and was founded in the 16th century. Why is this brotherhood so well known? Because Juan Manuel Ojeda La Macarena first wore a colored mantle. During the procession in the week of Semana Santa, you can see 2 colors passing by: Green for Mary or dark purple for Jesus.

This brotherhood has one of Seville's oldest Maria’s, María Santísima de la Esperanza Macarena. Because she is one of the oldest, the people are very faithful to this Mary as if it were the only one. She is unique and...

24 Mar 2023

Semana Santa, a very important week for the city. You've probably already seen the stands at Plaza de San Francisco. These are all for the week of Semana Santa. This week is the week before Easter. And is very important for every Spaniard. But what exactly is it?

What is Semana Santa?

Semana Santa means holy week. And is the week before Easter. This week they celebrate Spain extensively and have several traditions. This Easter week originates from the Catholic Church. Several Catholic brotherhoods draw in boutique processi...

24 Mar 2023

Christóbal Colón or Christopher Columbus, who does not know him, is one of the most famous explorers of history. Columbus was born in the Italian city of Genoa. In Genoa, like many other boys, he was trained as a sailor. Later in his life he moved to Portugal and later to Castile.

He made his name through his discovery of America in 1492, under the Castilian flag (Castile is the forerunner of Spain). Since Castile took over America, after Columbus discovered this continent, Columbus became a notorious man of history.

The countr...

24 Mar 2023

You've probably eaten it all once ‘TAPAS’. One of the most famous little snacks to eat in Spain. And, above all, Seville. Because here you will find a tapas restaurant on every corner of the street.

Besides that in Seville you can eat delicious tapas. It is also a beautiful city. You have beautiful churches, buildings, squares and traditions here. And we have the perfect solution to combine it.

At ATD bikes you have the opportunity to combine the highlights of the city and these delicious tapas. Hop on a bike and cycle thr...