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21 Mar 2017

As a company that offers guided bike tours in multiple languages, we have worked with a lot of guides. We have worked with locals as well as Erasmus students trying to earn a bit extra. Over the years we have seen what works and what doesn’t work. Although a lot comes down to intuition and so called fingerspitzengefühl, the guides do have to meet a certain requirement.

Here’s a list to help you filter out bad guides when you are hiring a new one.


Imagine this: you are going to an exotic new place. Everything...

13 Mar 2017

When you are in Seville, you must visit ‘Plaza del Museo’. It is a nice square with beautiful nature. If you love calmness and quietness, go to Plaza del Museo.

Did you know there is a little market of artist on Sunday? Well, now you know! It’s the day where artists of all varieties are displaying their wor...

06 Mar 2017

The Spanish people are known to be very religious. This stereotype dates back from the 15th century when to the last Islamic state fell in Iberia at Granada. Thus ending the Reconquista, or the reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula that spanned 700 years. The Spanish Inquisition, the backdrop of the Assassin’s Creed movie, is equally responsible for the more than 115 churches in Sevilla and the very high Catholique population.

This is good news. You could easily spend a day looking for churches to visit. Whether for spiritual...

27 Feb 2017

Tomorrow is D-Day! The Day of Andalusia or “The Día de Andalucía” is celebrated February 28. It is a big day in Andalusia and they celebrating it really hard!


 Did you know many people in the cities of Andalusia decorate their balconies with  the flag of Andalusia? On that day...

20 Feb 2017

Between the big medieval wall of Seville and the sandy shores of the river Guadalquivir once lied the industrious port of Seville. Since then the sands of time have eroded the shores making the once world renowned port obsolete. Nowadays the palm-lined shores is home to the neighbourhood known as El Arenal, which we are going to explore in this tour.

Across the street from the Mercado del Arenal

The tour starts at the old neighbourhood market: Mercado del Arenal. The market was created in 1947 to serve as a market for a fruit and vegetable storage, a grocery market for the neighborhood, and housing for municipal officials.Yet this market has a...

15 Feb 2017

The must see in Alfalfa

When you are in Seville, you have to go to Alfalfa. Alfalfa is a small neighbourhood here and and it is really worth it to visit it. So, I have some must see in Alfalfa you have to visit!

1. Iglesia del Salvador

When you are in Seville and especially at Alfalfa, you have to visit Iglesia del Salvador. The Salvador church is the second largest church of Seville after ...

30 Dec 2016

sevilla restaurant, cordoba restaurant, malaga restaurant,

In Andalusia, we are very keen on eating well and especially, talking about it. In a conversation with someone in the region, always mention the typical dishes and ask where you can find the best bar to eat them (this can take some time, because it is an elaborated subject for people).

We picked some famous dishes you should definitely try when visiting Cordoba, Seville and Malaga.

Spanish food

A few suggestions to taste the “yummy” things Andalusi...

28 Oct 2016

Things to do in seville from end october - november 2016

Things to do in Sevilla in Autum

Another high season is ending! Nevertheless, if you are the kind who likes to travel on less crowded months, there´s still thing to do in Seville. If you like the music, nothing best to dance at the rithm of drumms on the TamTam Drumfest Sevilla 2016

For those with discerning palates, you can check our...

17 Oct 2016

Nan is 30 years old. She lived in The Netherlands in a city called Breda, but three years ago she decided to move to Seville. We could not have been happier with the decision of our nightingale to move here. Two years ago Nan applied for the job as a guide. Before she worked as a guide, she was a teacher. For her, working at this company was the perfect opportunity. During the daily bike tour she could give all the information in the city she has fallen in love with.
We will give you a ‘’little tour’’ to get to know our  BIRDNERD ‘Nanneke’.


06 Oct 2016

Festival de las naciones will give you a trip around the world.
You don’t need to travel anymore, because all you want to discover about the world can be just right in front of you.

It starts from the 16th of September until the 30th of October. It is located in the...