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09 Jun 2017



My name is Mariska, I'm nineteen-years-old and I'm from the Netherlands, I study tourism in Breda but I live in Utrecht. I'm doing my summer internship in Spain, Seville to be exact, at Andalucía Tours & Discovery. Now here I have the first Spanish lesson for you: How to say 'intern' in Spanish? It's estudiante en práctica. It's awesome to be able to do my inter...

29 May 2017

Beautiful, historical buildings, mixed with gardens and parks that look like they are straight out of a fairy-tale? It’s sounds almost too good to be true… but behold! Seville is the place you want to go if you are interested in this beautiful mix! Here is the top five of the most beautiful parks and gardens you will find in Seville.


1. Real Alcázar de Sevilla

Now, we have arrived at number one! After you have visited the palace itself, it’s time to walk across the beautiful gardens, attached to the palace. Here you can...

18 May 2017

Andalusia has become an ideal place for practising all kinds of sports.The good weather and the quality of its sports facilities make Andalusia the perfect place to hold some sport activities and sporting events. Here some things to do.

1. Sports in the air

Do you like sports activities in the air? Then I have good news for you! In Andalusia, you have a several sports to do like Kitesurfing and skydiving


15 May 2017

Seville in the summer

If you are like most people, you will travel to Seville from spring to summer. We have discovered why: beautiful weather, amazing tapas and historic building. That's the marketing. What is it really like?

Sun, blue skies and marble(?)

Average temperature Sevilla, Spain

Between March and November the average temperature in Seville rises above 20°C....

08 May 2017

If there’s one perfect time to visit Cordoba, it’s during the Cordoba Patio Festival. La Fiesta de los Patios Cordobeses, or you can say 

Los Patios de Córdoba is the most important festival in Cordoba. It is held each year in the beginning of May.

For 12 days in May, the citizens of Cordoba throw the gates of their private courtyards, English word for patio,  ...

30 Apr 2017

Hier volgt een getuigenis van de vader van een van onze stagiairs. De stagiair in kwestie had zijn vader overtuigd om een Countryside tour te doen, waarbij hij mee mocht gaan. Op voorwaarde dat hij foto’s nam.

(De getuigenis is authentiek, op een paar aanpassingen na. Puur om de leesbaarheid te verhogen:)

We begonnen de dag met het kennismaken van onze tochtgenoten en het afstellen van de fietsen. Onze tochtgenoten was een leuk koppel die ook Nederlands sprak. Super. Vervolgens sprongen we in het busje. Daarna volgde een moo...

24 Apr 2017

Now Semana Santa is over, we have the Feria de Abril or Seville April Fair as we foreigners tend to call it. Officially the Fair starts at midnight on the Monday which falls two weeks after Semana Santa and ending the following Sunday at midnight with a big and spectacular firework.

Are you in Seville during the Fair? Well, here are some facts and tips for you.

Some facts:


17 Apr 2017

Feria Fashion for Men - banner: traje de corto wearing horse riders with girls with flamenco dresses on the back of their horses

So you want to go Feria de Abril? Great idea, it is the best festival of Seville! Let’s break down our top tips on how to dress for the Feria so you won’t look like a tourist. It’s best that you experience the Feria like a local every day of the festival with style tips and insights of locals!

Spring has finally sprung. Here in Seville that means two things: girls are going to start to wear beautiful summer clothes and the Feria de Abril, or the April f...

10 Apr 2017

We all know Sevilla is famous for his tapas which are really cheap. However, there are so many things to do in this beautiful city. So, I have put together a list of free things to do in Seville.

1. Churches

Not so religious? Well, Seville’s churches and chapels are worth to visit it. Some of the churches are nice decorated and at the inside, the churches are an art of themselves. The most impressive church in Seville is the ...

28 Mar 2017

                                      food in seville

Are you on a city trip in Seville and you have no idea where to eat or to drink? Here you have a list with 4 culinary addresses where you can eat and drink very delicious during your stay in Seville.                                                    ...