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21 Oct 2022

You may have seen it when you cycle or walk through the streets in Spain, a big procession of people walking through the city and taking a big religious view. This is one of the processions that you can see everywhere in Spain, and therefore also in Seville.

Processions are ceremonial processions, which are often religious in nature. In various religions, processions are organized. In Catholicism, a procession is a symbol of God's people on the way. There are various kinds of processions, such as the funeral procession, the litur...

17 Oct 2022

Fifty years ago, there were more than 40 monasteries in Seville. But being non is no longer the most attractive job among the young Sevillans, their number has decreased recently and continues to decline.
Moreover, their monasteries, although incredibly beautiful, are quite expensive in maintenance. Most are at least a few hundred years old and urgently need a refurbishment. Today there are only 15 left. They don't all sell dulces and sweets, but for most it is an important source of income. It is very interesting to visit a monas...

14 Oct 2022

Seville has many national and local holidays, many of which are known all over the world. Slide de las Hispanidad, also known as Columbus Day, is a perfect example of such a holiday. In this blog I will tell you a little more about this special and important day.

Columbus Day’n such a national holiday in many countries such as South America and the United States, but also here in Spain it is celebrated in its own way. Many of us may know that on 12 October 1492 Columbus officially arrived with his ship in America. During Columbus Day...

10 Oct 2022

Go on a road trip through Andalusia or make a city break, Seville is a city you shouldn't miss! But how do you get the most out of the city if you are here for just a few days? Luckily we have the tips for you!

Seville is a city with a rich history dating back to more than 2000 years ago, so which monuments should you visit and which ones not?

One of the most intriguing palaces on the Spanish mainland is the Real Alcazar, which means Royal Fort in Arabic. It was built by the Moors at the time of Al-Andalus, for their kings...

08 Oct 2022

La Bienal de Flamenco in Seville is the largest flamenco event in the world. The festival is held every two years, this year for the 22nd time from September 8 to October 1. For more than three weeks, Seville is the place where all flamenco lovers and professionals meet. You can enjoy premieres of new shows, famous artists in the field of guitar, vocals, dance, and young talent.

The Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla has been one of the most important flamenco festivals in the world since 1980, it belongs to the top three. As Seville is on...

03 Oct 2022

In addition to Seville, there are other beautiful places to discover in the region of Andalucia. In the upcoming blogs we share our favorite villages and sights around Seville that should not be missed on a trip to this particular region of Spain.

Caminito del rey
El Caminito del Rey (the small path of the king) is a walkway that has climbed along the steep walls of a narrow gorge in El Chorro, near Ardales in the province of Málaga, Spain. The walkway had fallen into disrepair and has been partially closed for more than ten yea...

30 Sep 2022

For hundreds of years, bullfighting has been a tradition in Spain. Especially in the most southern region of “Andalusia”, where bullfighting has ever begun. In 711, the first battle took place to celebrate the coronation of King Alfonso VII.

After the warm summer days, the Feria de San Miguel takes place again in Seville. This is the short bullfighting season in the autumn that always takes place around Michaelday on September 29. Micheal is one of the three archangels, whose name appears in the Bible. He is the guardian of police off...

27 Sep 2022

The city of Seville makes you feel like you’re walking through an open-air museum. The interesting buildings, beautiful nature and charm also make the city an interesting place for filmmakers. If you are a big movie lover or want to feel like you are in a movie, I have interesting information for you about which films were recorded in Seville.

The Dictator (2012) Plaza de España

The comedy the dictator is about the fictional East-African dictator Alaede. He is taken hostage and replaced by a goatherder, who looks like two...

23 Sep 2022

Since 2021, the ‘’IconicaFest’’ has been held in Seville. It is a huge dedication to national and international artists and artists, which is also due to the iconic venue of the festival. This place is one of the most famous squares in Seville, Plaza de España. The setting is of course also incredibly unique because it is already a very imposing building itself, but during this period a creature is put on top by a large stage and several gastronomic occasions are offered. Here visitors can enjoy the best cuisine of the city during the festiv...

19 Sep 2022

Seville City Hall In 1527, under the direction of the architect Diego de Riaño, the beginning of a beautiful new building was erected, which we know today as the City Hall of Seville: el Ayuntamiento.

With the discovery of America in the 15th century and the importance and wealth it acquired as a result, Emperor Charles V wanted Seville to have a town hall that radiated the power of the city. He thought the old town hall near the cathedral didn't radiate enough power. Therefore, he decided to build this new one. The town hall was...