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22 May 2023

Fuente de las Ranas is part of the Maria Luisa Park, but why is this fountain special? I will tell you that because the frogs are very popular.

This frog fountain is the oldest fountain in the whole area, from 1914. It was made by Manuel García-Montalván, who made two similar copies for Tenerife and Mexico City.

The fountain consists of eight ceramic frogs standing in around a duck resting on a turtle. The mouth of the frogs and the duck's beak function as a fountain.

During the civil war, the fountain was partia...

19 May 2023

You know it as a ‘ football derby ’. And yes, this Sunday It is that time again. Sevilla Fc or Real Betis? It is an important question in the Andalusian capital. Because Seville not only likes flamenco and tapas, but is also a great football crazy city. The Seville FC match against Real Betis will take place this Sunday at 9:00 PM in the stadium of Sevilla FC.

So you can imagine that this city will revive when its kind of competition arrives. That evening, all of Seville will take to the streets to watch the football match in the fir...

15 May 2023

On holiday to Spain? We'll help you with dishes you can find on the menu:

A typical Spanish dish which, depending on the region, contains the following main ingredients: Rice, seafood such as fish and crustaceans, chicken pieces, tomato base, white beans, slicing beans and saffron. An important part is that the rice is cooked in the stock of fish and crustaceans or chicken. In analucia, similar dishes are also simply called 'árroz' 'rice' and often prepared with rabbit meat.


is a cold s...

13 May 2023

We Dutch people know Ascension day as a long weekend and a holiday. But here in Spain, it's a little different. But how?

An immediate answer is therefore difficult to find out. Ascension  day is indeed the day that Jesus Christ was ascended by God. His father in heaven always falls on Thursday. Exactly ten days before Pentecost. And also 39 days after Easter, also called the week of Semana Santa here in Spain and especially in Seville.

In Seville,  Jesus Christ ascension is a lot less important than the s...

08 May 2023

<p><img alt="" height="480" src="/sites/default/files/image0_9_1.jpeg" title="Aníbal González" width="640" />He is known as ‘the architect of Seville’. Aníbal González has done so many things for Seville, some so important, that he has more than earned his nickname. Anyone who visits Seville does not escape these buildings. Some of them will come to Seville specially for his buildings. Aníbal González was born in Seville in 1876 and studied architecture in Madrid. He went through...

05 May 2023

You've probably all read it. It is very hot in Seville and we can call it the record week. Here in Seville, we are dealing with temperature figures around 38 degrees. If you want to look up the cool this is not the place ;)

Why the record week?

Here in Spain, we also deal with the record weeks this week. For 21 days, the highest temperature since the first measurement was measured in 1500. Also, April 2023 is now the warmest month measured since 1950.

How do these warm temp pictures come about?

Currently, Spa...

01 May 2023

Did you know that we had 2 world expositions in Seville? One in 1929 and 1992.

World exposition of 1929
The exposition in 1929 was entitled Exposición Général de España.

In 1881 an exposition had already taken place in Barcelona, but it had not met expectations and therefore politicians had chosen to prepare a new exposition.

These preparations took a long time because in 1913, a designated group was finally given the preparations of a world exposition to their task with the theme of electricity in 1917. In 1914, a...

28 Apr 2023

Are you looking for another fun activity to do. And if you'd like to escape from the heat for a moment. Then find a nice place with AC. We have a nice option for you. Go to the Great Alaska circus.

What is the Great Alaska Circus?

It's a circus with dance, music, acrobatics, real living animals and lots of different tricks. You can all go and visit these and see them here. It is a lovely and cozy circus and well worth it if you are here to take a look.

When and where can you watch it?

The circus is from...

24 Apr 2023

Juan Belmonte García is a well-known Spanish bullfighter and he is widely regarded as the greatest matador of all time.

Belmonte was born in the Triana district and was already active as a torero since 1908, in 1910 he made his debut and killed his first bull. He used to be part of several well-known bullfighter groups, the best-known group was Los Ninos Sevillanos.

Belmonte was different from other bullfighters because he developed his own style of parar, templar and mandar (stopping, tempering and controlling). A famous quote...

21 Apr 2023

Flamenco, if you are in Seville, you must have seen it!

What is the flamenco dance known for and how can you recognize it?

The vocals, or cante flamenco, are the basis of the flamenco style. This is often accompanied by rhythmic knocking, for example on tables, with sticks or clapping hands. Nowadays you also often hear Spanish guitars and hand drums. The dance that comes with flamenco is often recognized by the complicated and fast hand and footwork. There are different types of styles within flamenco. You have a more cheerful...