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Extreme heat in Seville

05 May 2023

You've probably all read it. It is very hot in Seville and we can call it the record week. Here in Seville, we are dealing with temperature figures around 38 degrees. If you want to look up the cool this is not the place ;)

Why the record week?

Here in Spain, we also deal with the record weeks this week. For 21 days, the highest temperature since the first measurement was measured in 1500. Also, April 2023 is now the warmest month measured since 1950.

How do these warm temp pictures come about?

Currently, Spain is between a high and low-pressure range. This creates a lot of sun through the high-pressure area and a warm wind from the west through the low-pressure area. And, of course, a consequence of global warming. Because of this, ‘deserted’ Spain.

RTL news came over at the store this week. They asked us why do Dutch want to cycle with these tempratures anyway. We have the answer to that The bike is a very nice way to see the city. In the Netherlands we cycle every day and there are more bicycles than Dutch there. If you want to see the piece click here:

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