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13 Mar 2023

El Palacio de las Dueñas is one of the most beautiful and decorated palaces in Seville. Built in the 15th century and now owned by the famous house of Alba (for 400 years). Since 2016 visitors have been allowed to look inside. The palace has beautiful gardens, halls, and chapels. All packed with the Alba family's extensive art collection. The style ranges from Gothic to Moors to the Renaissance, with local influences in the bricks, roof tiles, tiles, whitewashed walls, and pottery. These palaces also show how rich noble families have se...

10 Mar 2023

You've probably heard all of you from padel. It is a very popular sport and it comes from spain. Here in Spain they have been playing padel for a long time and it is also very popular. Now you can see that the world is playing a padel, especially in the Netherlands.

Here in Seville this week a padel tournament is underway, namely 1 Santander Sevilla masters. This padel tournament is organized by A1 padel and the location is the Setas. The Setas is also called the metropol parasol. This is a wonderful location to play at z’n padel...

06 Mar 2023

You have all heard of tapas once and many of you have already eaten tapas, but where does the name come from and how did it come about?

A tapa (Spanish plural tapas) are small snacks of which there are up to 100 varieties. Traditionally, a tapa is an appetizer that is eaten at Spanish cafes with an alcoholic drink. Where Spanish tapas comes from is not known, but there are several theories where one tries to explain the origin of traditional cuisine.

For example, it is said that the Spanish king Alfonso X “El Sabio” stipulated...

03 Mar 2023

Have you seen him hang here in Seville, the green/white flag? This is the flag of Andalusia. And because Seville is the capital of this, you can see it coming back regularly.

How did the day of Andalucía arise?

The founder of this holiday was Blas Infante, a spanish politician. He was born in the 19 th century. He is also known as the father of Andalusia. He created the flag of Andalusia and wrote the anthem. About in Spain you can find statues of this man. The struggle for autonomy began some 100 years ago. Then more than 2...

27 Feb 2023

The Spanish royal family has a long and turbulent history. For example, did you know that the King of Spain is French? You can read below how this came about and what we see in our city.

The Spanish succession war in a nutshell

Charles II was the last Habsburg Spanish king. Throughout his life, he suffered from long illnesses and poor health. Since Karel was born, it was expected that he would die at a young age. With the Treaty of Dover, England agreed to support Louis XIV of France as successor to the Spanish throne.


25 Feb 2023

Have you seen anyone run past this Sunday? That could be good. In Seville, the marathon was in progress. And about 12.000 people start at the start. And venture to walk out 42 miles. But that is not a matter of course for everyone. A large part of it will not be able to reach the finish line and will therefore not be able to say that the marathon has run out.

The Seville Marathon is already organized from 1985. The marathon is organized by the sports department within the municipality of Seville. The marathon in Seville is therefore t...

20 Feb 2023

Santa Ana is a church in the Triana district and is an important church for Seville.

Commissioned by King Alfonso X, the church was built in the years 60 of the 13th century. According to legend, the Santa Ana church was given this name because the king, who would have been blind, was healed in a special way by praying to Santa Ana and was able to see again.

Santa Ana was the mother of Mary and thus the grandmother of Jesus. Nowadays she is among others the patron Saint of the neighborhood on the other side of the river. This a...

17 Feb 2023

Are you a real carnavaller and are you looking for something fun to do outside the city? Then go to carnaval of cadiz this week. Carnival of Cádiz is in the period from 16 to 26 February.

First a little bit of history, we have carnival in Cádiz due to Christianity. It is just before the fix period. In the run-up to fasting, the church offered that all people could air their hearts again and party for 10 days.

But you can be there to. Carnaval or Cádiz is a party for young and old. Everyone is super welcoming, and you can find a...

13 Feb 2023

La Giralda is the symbol of our city and has a long history, a beautiful story, and numerous legends. In this blog we will tell you a little more about this. And who knows you recognize things when you are cycling in our city.

What can be seen in and on la Giralda?

La Giralda is accessible through Seville Cathedral and to visit during your holiday in Seville! You do have to have a nice condition to climb the tower because you go up about 90 meters! You don't have to walk a staircase but walk up a slope. The many windows...

10 Feb 2023

Hello all! My name is Sara Wester and I am 19 years old. I live in Loon op Zand. Most people don't know it. So stick to the village close to 'Efteling' ;). I am studying marketing and communication at 'De Rooi Pannen' in Tilburg. I am currently in my last year and this is my graduation internship. My internship lasts 4.5 months and I immediately thought that an internship abroad would suit me perfectly. I fell in love with the city in this first week. It is so beautiful here, with the nice weather and the good food....