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20 Jun 2022

My time here is coming to an end, my internship is almost done, and I’ll leave this beautiful city that I had the privilege to call my home the last 4 months. My 4 months here were full of adventure. After doing the same tour for so long you would think it would get a bit boring, but it’s quite the opposite. Every tour is different, and you can make it your own. The possibilities are almost endless, take a different rout, talk about different things, it’s all possible.
When I first arrived, the team, Lon, Natacha, Oscar, Amber, Teun an...

01 Jun 2022

We also want to show you the best sunsets in Seville so that you do not miss a second of the magic of this area in Spain.

1. La Giralda

We could not start the post with any other recommendation, just because La Giralda is Seville’s image for excellence.
For this icon of the city, we have thought of two possibilities, the first is to admire the view from the tower, although being up there means obviating it from panorama, but is also offers views in return that are spectacular. The other is to stand on a good terrace t...

15 May 2022

My name is Lieke Danhof and I’m 18 years old. I’m a student from Groningen, the Netherlands and I am in the second year of my study called Employee Marketing and Communication.

For my study, we were only allowed to go abroad for an internship in the second year. I was thinking this is my only chance, so I went looking for one early. After searching in Italy and being half hired in London, I finally ended up here in Seville.

I am so glad I chose Seville and this company. The people here are super nice and the work fun...

12 May 2022

This is a week of partying, that lasts from Saturday to Saturday. Every day of this party week starts with a parade of carriages. The location of this huge event is mainly on a terrain opposite of the Maria Louisa Park on the other side of the river, this location is called the Real de la Feria de Abril.

This yearly fair is like a small town, the entire terrain is filled with Casetas. Casetas are personalized tents or booths. These Casetas belong to prominent families, clubs, political parties, or groups of friends. Between 21:00 and...

12 May 2022

One of the showpieces of Seville. The Real Alcázar, surrounded by the old city wall, in the mudejar style and her beautiful gardens is certainly worth a visit.

It used to be known as Al-Qasr, because the current royal palace was built on the ruins of an old Moorish royal palace. In the tiles in the Patio de la Monteria, you can read a sentence of the Koran, “there is no victor but Allah”.

The Patio de las Doncellas might just be the prettiest of the patios of the palace. This is a patio that’s decorated with a lot of different...

04 May 2022

Mother’s Day is an important day of the year for both mothers and kids that call for a grand celebration. After all your mother is the reason for your existence and she deserves all your love, respect, and attention. Depending upon what your mom likes, there are several fun ways to celebrate Mother’s Day with her some of which we have listed below.

Breakfast in bed
Start her day by offering breakfast in bed. Her eyes will be wide open, and you will witness a big smile on her face. Make her favorite food and leave a note on the f...

19 Apr 2022

Located on the other side of the Guadalquivir, Triana is a proud neighborhood with proud people.
Because Triana is separated of the rest of Seville by the Guadalquivir, it formed its own identity. The residents of Triana usually call themselves “Trianese” instead of Sevillian and when they go over the bridge, they even say they’re going to Seville.

Triana is the birthplace of many artists and artforms, take for example the Flamenco. Some well-known bullfighters and seafarers were also born in Triana. Almost all the Azulejos, (Ce...

12 Apr 2022

Semana Santa is the holy week in Seville, it’s easter celebrated in a huge way. This holy week stems from the catholic church of course.

During this week you’ll find a lot of different brotherhoods doing processions. These processions usually show the suffering of Jezus and Maria, and they show it through their own paso’s. Paso’s are the platforms on which statues stand to tell a story.

These different brotherhoods all have different routes they take, they all start at their own church, walk to the cathedral and back. These bro...

04 Apr 2022

Seville is bursting with great tapas bars, culture, and historic sites and if you’re savvy about your spending, you can do it all on a tiny budget.
If you’re planning to visit Seville soon, here are some serious money-saving tips to help you make the most of your trip.

When is the best time to visit Seville?
Seville is best enjoyed in the springtime when the weather is just about perfect, and the prices are cheaper.
If you wait until summer, you will get blistering hot Spanish sunshine that can, at times, be quite op...

28 Mar 2022

Spain. Especially Andalusia, is known for its flamenco. In many regions you can see Flamenco
performances, but the origin of the style is from the southern regions and certainly
noticeable! But what exactly is flamenco? You can read more about this here.

Flamenco originated from a mix of different cultures, such as from the gypsies and from the
Spanish culture. Little is known about the direct origin of Flamenco, but an enormous
number of cultures have contributed to it. In addition, Andalusia and other souther...