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Padellen in Sevilla

10 Mar 2023

You've probably heard all of you from padel. It is a very popular sport and it comes from spain. Here in Spain they have been playing padel for a long time and it is also very popular. Now you can see that the world is playing a padel, especially in the Netherlands.

Here in Seville this week a padel tournament is underway, namely 1 Santander Sevilla masters. This padel tournament is organized by A1 padel and the location is the Setas. The Setas is also called the metropol parasol. This is a wonderful location to play at z’n padel tournament.

This tournament is attended by a number of large people. These pasters are therefore fighting for the profit. Some of the big names that will take part in this tournament are Fede Quiles and Leo Augsburger. For example, this is a duo.

Are there any competitions you can watch this weekend? Yes, the final will take place this weekend. Unfortunately, buying a ticket is not going because everything is sold out. Unfortunately, they don't have so many places in the gallery and the cards are sold out quickly.

Spanish Padel:

As I mentioned above, padel is a very important sport in Spain. The sport comes from Spain and is played a lot here. You can play padel anywhere in Spain. So the padel tournament is definitely in the right place here. If you like playing the padel yourself, you can do so. You have a number of padel jobs here in the city where you can just hire a job with 4 people. Who doesn't want to be in the sun.

During the bike tour we also pass a bike tour. You'll get him found. We would like to hear it afterwards. So go find out and join our dailytour!