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Marathon of Sevilla

25 Feb 2023

Have you seen anyone run past this Sunday? That could be good. In Seville, the marathon was in progress. And about 12.000 people start at the start. And venture to walk out 42 miles. But that is not a matter of course for everyone. A large part of it will not be able to reach the finish line and will therefore not be able to say that the marathon has run out.

The Seville Marathon is already organized from 1985. The marathon is organized by the sports department within the municipality of Seville. The marathon in Seville is therefore the flattest parkour in Europe. And therefore, also very well known among the runners. During the marathon, the runners come through several beautiful places of the city center. They pass Plaza de España, Torre del Oro, La Giralda and Maria Luisa Park. If you didn't run the marathon but want to see these beautiful places of Seville. Then book the daily tour and cycle along with us.

For many riders, this is the first opportunity to qualify for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. They then run for about a time of 2 hours 25 minutes. The runners then run an average speed of 17 km/h. The fastest run time this year is around 2 hours. The different runners also had the ambition to break the fastest times. As mentioned above, the Seville marathon is the flattest parcours. So that's why you have the most chances to get the record here. Last year's record was 2:04:43 and 2:18:51. This year the fastest run times are 2:04:59. This time was run by Gadisha Birhanu Shumie. He just failed to reach the record. In women the fastest time was run 2:20:29. This time was run by Jackline Chual. Unfortunately, the records have not been broken for men and women.

Our Carlos has also run the Seville marathon. Carlos is the owner of ATD bikes. It was for him the first marathon he ran. The time he put down is therefore 3 hours and 38 minutes.