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Carnaval of Cádiz

17 Feb 2023

Are you a real carnavaller and are you looking for something fun to do outside the city? Then go to carnaval of cadiz this week. Carnival of Cádiz is in the period from 16 to 26 February.

First a little bit of history, we have carnival in Cádiz due to Christianity. It is just before the fix period. In the run-up to fasting, the church offered that all people could air their hearts again and party for 10 days.

But you can be there to. Carnaval or Cádiz is a party for young and old. Everyone is super welcoming, and you can find all the cultures there. But don't forget to put on your best carnival outfit. Do you buy something here in Seville or do you take something from home? We are curious about it! ;)

Carnival of Cádiz is the world's 3 second largest carnaval. There are therefore 3 things that cannot be missing from these few days. Singing, dancing and drinking. The first 2 are mainly taken care of by the carnival groups, the Chirigotas. Groups airs their hearts by singing about political and funny things that have happened this year. Some of these groups sing in the theater and some go on foot across the street. This makes it impossible to compare the carnaval of the Netherlands with the carnaval in Spain.

Cádiz has very good connections from Seville and you doesn't have to be on the road for too long. For example, you can choose to rent a car and go that way by car. At the airport you have several car rental providers. But also in the city you have a number of car rental providers. One of these is called Rental Cars Sevilla. It’s a 10 minute walk from the centrum.

Then you can also take the train and the bus to Cádiz. By Omio there is a direct train to Cádiz. You take about 1,5 hours and it costs between €20 and €50. You will leave from Santa Justa station. And this is a 15 min walk from the center. At this station you can also take the bus to Cádiz. By bus it costs around €5, and you are on the way for about an hour.

So there are plenty of options to go to Cádiz. So, do we see you there?