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10 Nov 2018
Catholicism in Sevilla

Religion in Sevilla

Something that stood out to me when I moved to Sevilla was that religion still plays a big role in this city. Roman Catholicism is the largest Christian religion in the world, and also the most popular religion in Spain. It is one of the oldest religious institutions in the world, and it follows the Old and New Testament of the Bible. There are about 200 Roman Catholic churches in Sevilla, so you can say it's quite popular here. But why is it so important in this city? And will it stay like that in the future as...

22 Oct 2018
best non touristic places

The Best Non-Touristic Places to visit in Sevilla!

Welcome to our new blog! This blog is about the best non-touristic places of Sevilla. Sevilla has around 700.000 residents, and it is getting more and more popular among travelers from all over the world. But being in a big city like this, means that there are a lot of people everywhere. Are there any places that are cool but only a few tourists come? I will tell you all about it in this blog!

The Guadalquivir

First off, the Guadalqu...

20 Oct 2018
How did Sevilla get its name?

How did Sevilla Get Its Name?

Sevilla has a very long history and somewhere in here the name Sevilla was conceived. In this blog I will tell you about how they came up with the name Sevilla.

First, I will tell you a little bit about the history of Sevilla. Sevilla has had four different population groups many years ago. It all started with the population groups of the Romans and the Greeks, than the Islamic people came to Sevilla and after that the catholic had the power over Sevilla.

Greek and Roman


15 Oct 2018

Hello everyone!

Today I would like to introduce you to the stereotype of the Sevillanos (the people who live in Sevilla). I will tell you a little bit about their habits in this blog. Enjoy reading this blog!

In General 

In general the people in Sevilla are happy people. They know how to live their life to the fullest and they enjoy every little thing. The Sevillianos are hard workers and they are really friendly. Of course there are also people in Sevilla who are the opposite, but this happens all around the worl...

10 Oct 2018
santa cruz

Today's blog is about the Jewish quarter we have in Sevilla. One of the most charming areas of Sevilla if you ask me. Perfect to stroll around on a Sunday morning. But also, a lot of history in one area. Curious? In this blog will I tell you more about it.


History of Barrio de Santa Cruz

The Jewish quarter is near to the Real Alcazar, located in the centrum of Seville. The king Ferdinand III of Castille who conquered the city from Muslim rule, belonged this part of the city to the Jewish people who lived in Sev...

27 Sep 2018
Rain in Spain

When you see this sentence, you are probably going to think "What a weird sentence!!" I agree, and in this blog, I will tell you what this sentence means, and I will tell you a little bit about the weather (mostly about the rain) in Sevilla.


The sentence 'the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain' was conceived, because people were irritated by the people speaking with a  Cockney accent (Cockney is a neighbourhood in London, England). People who did not have that accent or another accent were kind of irritated...

08 Sep 2018
A new face: Mirthe joins our team!

So, I guess whatever you’ll find on the internet about ATD I probably have something to do with it. I’m going to make blogs, vlogs and many more! 

In my free time I like to play volleyball, go out for a run, watching movies or just being around friends! I also like it a lot to travel. So, when I had the chance to do my internship abroad, I immediately knew I had to go. This was my chance. 

Why Sevilla?

But why in Sevilla? It’s strange because I have no family or friends here (yet). Also, I do not speak a word...

08 Aug 2018
Spanish siesta


When you think about Spain, you think about Siesta. It’s one of the most famous stereotypes about Spanish culture. But what does Siesta mean? A lot of people think that Siesta born in Spain but it’s false. Indeed, in the Romanian empire, people were already making siesta. Moreover, Siesta comes from the Romanian sixth hour. Currently, siesta is a bad topic about Spain because Spanish people are considered as lazy people, however, only 16 % of Spanish people make siesta, worst Spanish government want to delete it.


16 Jul 2018
Beat the heat: How to survive the heat in Sevilla



Sevilla, a beautiful city with a rich history. The perfect destination for a city trip one might say. During the months of July and August however, the city it self remains stunning but be aware of the extreme temperatures. The temperatures could go up to 47℃  during the summertime. But why does it stay so hot?  That is because Sevilla is situated in a valley. Which causes the heat to remain in the city and the wind to blow right over! In this blog we will give you tips on how to survive...

01 Jul 2018
climate andalusia

Andalusian Climate

Andalucia is split up by the Sierra Morena and the Betic Cordillera. The Betic Depression can be felt in the middle of this, which charecterises Seville with boiling summers. Other mountain regions are green, such as El Bosque de la Niebla.

Underneath I will discuss the climate of some interesting regions.


In Cádiz the weather is always mild, because of its climate. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate on the Atlantic coast all t...