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07 Feb 2023

Those who like to walk through the center of our historic quarter will know the street Calle Amparo, halfway between Plaza de San Martín and Pozo Santo. Well, in this street, on the facade of number 9, you see the remarkable tile, which alludes to the old existence of a tiger in this house. As the stories about the tiger and the building go hand in hand, let us remember and you will find the explanation of this now famous "tiger jump".

The "Casa del Tigre", as it has been known for more than fifty years, was built...

20 Jan 2023

The past few months have really, flown by!

I entered a new city and environment at the beginning of September, so mega exciting. I had nothing to worry about because I was well taken care of by everyone at ATD.

I learned a lot during my internship, not only professionally, but also personally I improved by leaps and bounds. This is all thanks to my wonderful colleagues.

In addition to the tours, I also worked behind the scenes, trying to put ATD on the map through social media. I have greatly broadened my general knowl...

16 Jan 2023

During your visit to Seville, you will hear all about the city's rich culture and history. The arrival of different peoples and their customs over a span of 3,000 years still captures the imagination of the city center today. The cathedral, transformed from an ancient mosque, and the golden tower are examples of true symbols. However, Sevillian historians also say, ´´If you look carefully, you will find out that Hispalis has more of the Romans than the Moors´´. Indeed, Seville even has its own ´´Sevillan´´ emperors of the Roman Empire!...

13 Jan 2023

Many people in Spain know the story of San Fernando III, the man who reclaimed much of Andalusia from the Moors. But someone perhaps more famous than himself was his son: Alfonso X, also known as "Alfonso the Wise." He was the king of Castile and León from 1252 to 1284. But who was Alfonso X and why did he receive the title of ''the Wise''?

During his regime, he took many initiatives to ensure the stability of his kingdom and lay the foundation for Spain's future prosperity. He was a staunch suppor...

07 Jan 2023

Farewell - Adios!

First of all, I would like to thank my fellow Members from ATD for this wonderful time. I was warmly and warmly welcomed by everyone and immediately felt at my place at ATD and also in Seville.

The wonderful paradise of Seville has taught me a lot in the last five months, on my internship but also outside. As a guide, I have been able to tell you a lot about the city, such as history, buildings, beautiful streets, parks, shops and museums. I enjoyed that very much and that made this internship so great success...

02 Jan 2023

Three kings, the feast for the children
Six January the weather is so far, the day that the three kings festival is celebrated. On this day, Christians celebrate the visit of the three ways to baby Jesus in Bethlehem. In Seville, too, it is a day that many young children and adults are looking forward to. The big parade, sweets and presents make the day a big party. In this blog, you will find out more about the traditions and where you should be when.

The story of the three kings
Apostle Matheus wrote the story of the thr...

30 Dec 2022

Nochevieja New Year's Eve night
New Year's Eve, Nochevieja , in Seville is intimate and exuberant and the weather is usually soft. But what to do on New Year's Eve in Seville... No problem! Here are some ideas to welcome the new year in style!

Classic dinner with flamenco
Was there more fun to start the new year in Seville than with a classic Spanish dinner with a dazzling flamenco show. Many visitors dream of having dinner with a flamenco show for their New Year's Eve in Seville. Unfortunately, some th...

26 Dec 2022

Christmas is an incredibly important feast, it shows the birth of Jesus Christ. It is also a feast of togetherness, being together and saying what you are grateful for in that year. In Spain, they do something different, namely by musical gatherings in which dancing, singing and drinking is performed. These musical gatherings are called Zambombas!

Zambombas are really two things: A very Spanish instrument and a social event, which is inextricably linked and used. Zambomba is undoubtedly part of the Christmas party in Sp...

23 Dec 2022

Christmas in Seville
Christmas is often cold in the Netherlands, but here in Seville you never have to wear gloves and you can sit on a terrace. Seville is fairy-tale lit, with Christmas stables everywhere and the smell of roasted chestnuts on every street corner. But for Dia de Navidad, Christmas Day, first Noche Buena!

Noche Buena, Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve is the time for family and friends to meet, eat, drink and be cheerful! The most important dinner of the year is on Christmas Eve with your family and friends. In S...

19 Dec 2022

Mercado de Triana
This cozy indoor market hall is located in the Triana district, right next to the Guadalquivir River. As soon as you cross the Isabella bridge, you will see this market already Fancy delicious fresh fruit, artisanal cold cuts, a special beer? Or do you like to have a meal? Or do you want to go to a theater with a flamenco show? It's all possible! The market is open from 9 am to 3 pm in the afternoon. Please note that you don't just put your bike against the fence, there is a special bike park at the main ent...