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Mercado de Triana

19 Dec 2022

Mercado de Triana
This cozy indoor market hall is located in the Triana district, right next to the Guadalquivir River. As soon as you cross the Isabella bridge, you will see this market already Fancy delicious fresh fruit, artisanal cold cuts, a special beer? Or do you like to have a meal? Or do you want to go to a theater with a flamenco show? It's all possible! The market is open from 9 am to 3 pm in the afternoon. Please note that you don't just put your bike against the fence, there is a special bike park at the main entrance.

Enjoy watching and buying
The market has lots of fresh fruit and vegetables from the region, such as oranges from Aljarafe and melons from Huelva. Some gardeners selling their fruit have been continuing this family tradition for more than a hundred years. But you will also find Iberian ham, local cheeses produced on a small scale, olives, Andalusian traditional sweets, herbs and fish. You have to buy at the busiest stalls. The Sevillanos know very well where you can buy the finest and best goods for the best quality and price. You can also buy flowers and Souvenirs. There are also stalls with flamenco attributes. On several days there are flamenco shows and music, magic, theater or cabaret shows in a small theater with 28 places! The shows are usually at one hour, so especially take a look if you are in the area at that time.

Take a break
If you have been walked out and bought out, take a break in one of the delicious restaurants and bars. If you just want to drink, there is a hip bar called Donde Juan Carlos, where you can enjoy delicious coffee and a wine or cocktail. If you are hungry for paella then you have to go to Arrocería el Criaito. If you want to eat more extensively and you have more appetite for meat from the grill, homemade croquettes or tapas with a nice local wine, go to Tapincho, vinos y tapas.

Mercado de Triana
The castle of San Jorge stood on the site of the Mercado de Triana. The original construction dates from the Arab period, 1171. From 1481 to 1785, the headquarters of the Inquisition were located on this site. The Inquisition was the investigation service and the court of the Catholic Church where heretics, unbelievers, are punished and usually received the death penalty. The suburb Triana, separated from the city by the river, was pretty densely populated at the beginning of the 19th century and everything was rather shabby and unhealthy. The castle of San Jorge was more of a ruin and was donated to the city. In 1823 the City Council had a market built there. In 1983 a new market hall was built and during the work the remains of the old castle emerged. During the 1992 World Fair, the market hall was further improved. The current form of underground parking was given to the market hall in 2001.

Look back: The archaeological finds
You really have to visit the ancient part of the Mercado de Triana. There is now a special space with the archaeological remains such as remains of the castle, the Almohad cemetery, the old city walls and pottery remains.

The legend of the white ghost girl of the Mercado de Triana.
At night you can hear lingering shackles, sometimes blows on the wall and sounds under the floor of the market halls. From one market street to another, a white-dressed girl comes by in the dark. At the place of the market, a 14-year-old girl was once accused of heresy and she died in the pile of fire. But those sounds are still there and many people have seen the form of a girl in a white communion dress. For example, the night's staff occasionally hear strange sounds and they hardly dare to do their rounds. Every sound can become a real nightmare. Security cameras ‘s usually register nothing at night and the signals are green, but sometimes there is a red signal and then nothing or no one appears! Also merchants who are early have seen the bright girl in the white dress but she always disappears.

Calllejon de la Inquisición, the alley of the heretics
You have to walk through this. You will feel something of the fear like that of the ghost girl in the white dress. This alley is a narrow passage from Nuestra Señora de la O promenade next to the Guadalquivir River to Calle Castilla. The name of the alley comes from the Inquisition. The prisoners were led through this alley to the prison to be tried and brought to the stake. ‘s the exit to Calle Castilla is an arch with a door, which closes at night, with three ceramic crowns on it. If you want to get the impressions, walk through the stairs to the river and enjoy the delicacies purchased on the Mercado de Triana, sitting by the water and also enjoy the view of the city, the Isabelle bridge and the rowers.