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08 Mar 2016

When on a city trip, many of us like to incorporate some shopping into our busy sightseeing schedule, don’t we ladies? And of course, a lot of men enjoy this too!

In the main shopping streets, however, you will mostly find the big chain stores that you can also find anywhere else. That’s why we made this guide for you. Whether you are looking for vintage, second hand, slow fashion or made in Spain-only, we promise you the products will be unique and often environmentally conscious too! 

La Seta Coqueta 

First on our list, in the shadow of...

29 Feb 2016


Do you have a feeling there is always something to do in Andalusia? Every weekend a fair or festival, always something to celebrate?
Well we’re here to tell you that you are more or less right. The Andalusians do definitely enjoy life to the fullest. They will take any opportunity for a celebration and we admire them for it. Moreover, they are good at it too!

It is easy to get lost when it comes to figuring out what is when and where the best place to be is at that moment. That’s why from now we will provide you with a full calendar of Andalusian’s fairs and events every month. The ideal tool to draw up the perfect trip through Andalusia. Keep an eye out every m...

24 Feb 2016

For those who need an introduction, Semana Santa or the Holy week is a 8-day lasting festivity to celebrate what we call Easter. During this time the city streets are almost constantly filled with processions  of richly filled floats with Jesus and Mary statues, accompanied by Nazarenos (see picture) and shrill brass bands.

The celebrations take place all over Spain, but Sevilla is the most popular city to experience the Semana Santa. This year, it will take place from the 20-27 march.
Hotels and alternative options like Airbnb are likely to be fully booked by this time, but who knows, you might get l...

19 Feb 2016

You can go skiing in Andalusia?

When you think about Andalusia you think about sun and warm temperatures, right? Snow is not what crosses most people’s mind when they think about the south of Spain. So it might come as a surprise to you that we have our own skiing area. Sierra Nevada ‘where the south is covered in white’ is a national park 2 hours of Malaga that has over 100 km of ski runs. Want to combine the Andalusian sun and culture with some sporty adventure? Time to pack your bags and head over to Spain. 

There are over 110 golf courses...

15 Feb 2016

Spain in general is an absolute Walhalla for food lovers. Traditional dishes like paella and the well-known tapas will be found wherever you go in the country. But the Spanish kitchen is more than that. We summed up 5 of our favourite things about the food scene in Malaga. 

1. Eat Espetos on, or alongside the beach 

We believe that when at the seaside, one should eat fish. Espetos are sardines prepared following a longstanding tradition of over thousands of years. 


11 Feb 2016

         Seville is a city where you can find some of the most important national art galleries, as the Fine Arts Museum but also more atypics ones, such as the Flamenco Museum. You've probably never been to any them, let alone some that you didn't even know about. But know it's time to have a closer look on Seville and understand better its rich history. What are you waiting for? You still haven't visited them all?


1. Flamenco Museum

This Museum is one the most visited ones by the tourists, all the more so that in front of this place...

26 Jan 2016

                What is happening from the 3rd to the 13th of March ? (well at least those are the official dates). Have a guess, come on.. No, so you really don't know ? Let's give you some clues. Fiesta, fancy dresses, parades, songs, dances, plays.. Yes, it is the legendary Carnival of Cadiz that will be taking place ! The preparations and festivities are celebrated weeks prior to the official dates with popular food festivals as a taster of what is to come. These carnivals are recognised as Festivals of International Tourist Interest, and have many entertaining characteristic...

14 Dec 2015

1. Mercado de Triana

The market of Triana, where all the locals come together for grocery shopping. There are only local products available in this market. The finest pieces of fruit and vegetables, fresh fish and many more. If you give a dinner at home, you know where to shop your groceries! Especially very busy on Saturdays. Nice souvenirs to take home: Jamón Ibérico, goat cheese, special sweets from the region and many more... Even if you don’t need anything, just...

26 Nov 2015

1) Watch the sunset at the rooftop Doña Maria Hotel

Drink a cocktail on the rooftop terrace next to the famous Giralda. If you go during sunset, the Giralda lights up, which creates a magical view. 

rooftop terrace doña maria hotel giralda view

2) Start your day perfectly by having breakfast at La Cacharreria

The most delicious breakfast ever! There’s so much choice for everyone. Very nice bread but also delicious cake or fresh fruits. Of course, the breakfasts are typical Spanish. Definitely worth a try! (Closed at Sundays) ...

21 Nov 2015

If you think about Christmas, you probably think about cold days and staying home. In Seville, the sun shines almost every time. How about a Christmas spending in the streets of Seville, enjoying the sun, sitting on the terraces and watching people? Isn’t that how it supposed to be?
It might not be the first destination that you think about when you’re considering a holiday during Christmas, but there’s a lot to see and discover in this beautiful city.

Seville has got a lot to offer that time of the year! It’s not the most common destination, but there are so many things to do in Spain! We’ll give you some tips and advices of activities in Seville!
First of all, the atm...