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14 Mar 2018
spain internship


How I found an internship in Spain

¡Hola! Before I will convince you to visit Seville and its treasures I will tell you something more about me. 

My name is Fien, and from the ages of 10 to 18, I did theatre and learned about how to speak clearly, how to give presentations and how to guide people through a city. It was when I guided a group of people through Veurne (a city in Belgium), I realised that this was something for me. So when I finished secondary school, I decided to study...

06 Mar 2018
flamenco dress costume


The Flamenco Dress: One of the most characteristic features of the Feria de Abril

We see them in every picture of the Feria, the flamenco dresses that all the women wear during this wonderful week of festivities. It is one of the only pieces of traditional clothing that is actually still fashionable and fashion-sensitive. But what is the story behind them? How does one obtain such a dress? What do they cost? And how many flamenco dresses does a woman really have/need? For the sake of journalism and t...

25 Feb 2018

Do you speak spanish


Travelling to Spain... I don't speak Spanish

Going on a holiday to Spain without knowing a word in Spanish is really difficult. If you are travelling to Spain in the near future, you must definitely keep some things in mind. Let me tell you why…


But... do people in Spain speak English?

I was someone who didn’t know m...

19 Feb 2018


It is a part of their history that Spanish people do not like to speak of too much. La Guerra Civil, The Civil War. For those of you reading this who have absolutely no idea that there even was a civil war in Spain or for those of you who need to refresh your memory, the Spanish Civil War was a great conflict between the Republicans who were loyal to the democratic, left-leaning Second Spanish Republic and the Nationalists, a conservative group led by dictator General Francisco Franco – I’m sure that that name...

11 Feb 2018


Challenge accepted!​      

To study or do an internship abroad is always a challenge. However, living as an intern in a city you haven’t been before is even more challenging. So that’s what I did and I couldn’t have been more excited for anything ever. 

Apprenticeships abroad

My name is Mirte and I always knew that I wanted to do my internship relating to my education Tourism and Leisure Management in another country (preferably somewhere warm as I get c...

04 Feb 2018


This is my first time writing a blog, so I might as well start off by introducing myself. My name is Robin, I have been walking this earth for almost 21 years now and I am the latest addition to the ATD team!

Why Sevilla? 

Well, to say that Sevilla is a beautiful city is an understatement. I will always remember the first moment I knew I loved the city. It was on a warm spring evening in June, 2016 when I arrived in the city for the first time. I was there on a study trip (I am a Tourism...

19 Dec 2017


Christmas in Seville, what a time to be alive. A wonderful city with such a beautiful history lighted up by the beautiful Christmas decoration al over the city.

Decoration in the city

Seville is magical during Christmas. All the beautiful lights and the beautiful trees along in the city. During the day the sun is still shining which gives Seville a summerly atmosphere. And in the evening/night, i...

18 Dec 2017


During the year there are lots of different parties and (national) holidays in each country and region. Everywhere they celebrate something else and everywhere they find some reasons to have a good party. One holiday that people...

11 Dec 2017


In Seville there were two big events in the past century, next to the normal holidays as Semana Santa, Feria de Abril, Christmas etc. Those two, were the world expos that were held here...

01 Dec 2017
juan belmonte


Juan Belmonte is a famous Spanish bullfighter, born in Seville. He was raised in Triana, and that's why his statue is in Triana. He became a bullfighter very young and he were in different famous bullfighting groups for childeren. The most famous one he was part of as a kid, was Los Ninos Sevillanos. He killed his first bull on July 24, 1910. 

He differs from other bullfighters because his technique wa...