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Sevilla Rowcity

13 Nov 2022

Sevilla Rowcity: La 56a Regata Sevilla-Betis

Seville is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. Not only because of its interesting history, the wonderful weather or the good food, but especially because of the beautiful sights and the Guadalquivir river, which flows through Seville. An arm of this river, called the Alfonso XIII canal, is extremely popular with rowers. In this blog I will tell you why there are rowing events and how you can enjoy this sport as a visitor to the city of Seville.

International rowers in Seville
Seville is an excellent destination for many international professional rowers. Every winter they train in Seville, such as the top teams of Germany, Great Britain and the Netherlands. From the beginning of November until the end of March, it is often a hustle and bustle of the river and the Alfonso XIII canal. This is not so crazy, because who doesn't want to train in a wonderful winter sun. Moreover, as the name of this part of the river suggests, it is channeled and thus closed to the north. As a result, there is virtually no flow, so you can focus completely on improving your rowing technique. The proximity to the beautiful city center of Seville is a wonderful added benefit.

Regatas in seville
Seville is very often host of world-class rowing regatas, which are speed matches on the water. In October, the Master Roei Regatta is held every year for the international summit. This year was the 5th edition.
But much more is happening! There are regular competitions for all kinds of classes, ages and boats from ski-offs (1 person) to the Eights (8 rowers with mate). For the Spanish National Olympic rowing Championships, Seville has been the setting since 1990. Seville has also been able to organize many international rowing championships such as the European Championship in 2013. For the public, it is very pleasant to watch the rowing competitions, because on both banks of the river there are walking and cycling paths, which are easily accessible from the city. And there are many terraces along the water.

However, this Saturday (tomorrow) will be the most special of all the rowing competitions in Seville: The 56th edition of Regata Sevilla-Betis. This 62-year-old Sevillan tradition brings together the city's two rival football clubs on the battlefield on the second Saturday of November. However, this city derby takes place once a year on the water and not in the football stadium. Rowers from different disciplines compete against each other for the colors of their club. The tournament starts at 10:15 under the Alamillo bridge outside the center and lasts until about 13:30. Be there!

Rowing for fun
If you're not a professional yet, do you want to explore Seville from the river while you're busy? This can also be done through various companies such as Kayak Sevilla. With their routes, you can explore the river and its banks. There are many opportunities for amateurs and visitors of the city to enjoy rowing.
The rowing water is 7 km long with the pavilions of the Expo92 on the west bank. You'll be rooming in the northern part of a green area. The south is more historic and urban, here you roar along the center of Seville. You'll pass under the characteristic bridges and see from the boat La Giralda, the San Telmo Palace and the Golden Tower. There is hardly any shipping, only some canal boats so no dangerous waves.

Watch when there are rowing games and walk along the rowing track and enjoy. You can return to the city for a terrace or a museum.
If you want to see the city through sport, rowing yourself is a wonderful opportunity. There are escorts available to explain everything and they even want to sail with you. Don't forget to look at the city and stop rowing, let the boat glide slowly as you see the Golden Tower and the beautiful city from the water: A unique experience!