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How to make the most of your time in Seville

10 Oct 2022

Go on a road trip through Andalusia or make a city break, Seville is a city you shouldn't miss! But how do you get the most out of the city if you are here for just a few days? Luckily we have the tips for you!

Seville is a city with a rich history dating back to more than 2000 years ago, so which monuments should you visit and which ones not?

One of the most intriguing palaces on the Spanish mainland is the Real Alcazar, which means Royal Fort in Arabic. It was built by the Moors at the time of Al-Andalus, for their kings, emirs and kaliefen, but the complex was extended by the kings of later Spanish kingdoms. These kings retained the old Arab architecture style and thus became an unprecedented gathering of cultures in architecture! So put this palace on the list of places to visit! Take your time to do this, an average visit will take 3 hours soon.

If you are in the vicinity of the palace, take a look at Seville Cathedral, which is right in front of the Real Alcazar. Where one of the largest cathedrals in the world can now be found was the Moorish Aljama Mosque. After the conquests of the holy king Fernando III in 1248, it was put into service by the Christians. At the end of the fourteenth century, however, it was decided to build a new cathedral of unprecedented size over the remains of the mosque, only the beautiful Giralda tower, and its patio has been preserved. From the outside, the Cathedral is beautiful to see but don't forget to take a look inside. There you will also be able to admire the tombs of Columbus and various paintings. The visit to this monument will cost you approximately one and a half hours.

There is plenty to see in the Maria Luisa park for those looking for a more quiet place in Seville. The forty-hectare park is the remnant of the hundred-hectare garden of Princess Maria Luisa, who donated her beautiful garden to the city when she died. Since the 1929 World Exhibition, the park has a more central role in Seville. It was given two main squares, Plaza de España and Plaza de América. The park is an oasis of calm and can be a source of cooling on a hot day due to its shady hiking trails, fountains, and beautiful planting of Mediterranean trees and colorful flowers. This is an ideal place for walking, picnicking or renting bikes to cycle around.

Go across the road from the Guadalquivir and you'll be in the lively Triana neighborhood, which has produced some bullfighters and flamenco dancers. It is an authentic neighborhood with many small streets with less tourism to walk through. After the conquest of Seville on the Moors, the Santa Ana church was built here by order of Alfonso X at the end of the 13th century. According to legend, the church was given this name because after praying to Santa Ana the king was miraculously healed from a ailment to his eyes.

For example, Seville is a city with many more impressive places. During one of our tours you can learn more about this beautiful culture, architecture and history. So don't miss a thing and come by soon!