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Ghost stories in Seville

31 Oct 2022

Traditions and superstition go very well together in Seville, as both the Catholic Church and the Gypsy language at the Sevillanos are anchored in their thinking. Therefore, there are many stories about ghosts and spirits that are told to each other generation by generation in the families. The inhabitants are also affected in their daily lives and conversations, especially among the inhabitants of the La Macarena district.

The district of La Macarena
La Macarena is a neighborhood with more churches than bars - and there are many bars! This neighborhood is populated by past spirits, real spirits, especially in Calle San Luis. The most feared ghosts are the spirits with broken hearts.
The Virgo Esperanza watches over the streets, but she never sees spirits of heartbreaking lovers. She wanders only in the world of pure hearts, avoiding the shadows.

Calle San Luis
In Calle San Luis in the Macarena district, houses spirits, which only come out when it is dark. They stroll through the narrow streets where street lanterns flicker, unusually large moths flutter, which gather close to the lights hanging above the doorways. Some locals deliberately avoid walking along Calle San Luis. It's better not to put your luck at risk, even if you don't believe in spirits.
During the day you hear loud voices from the residents about politics and family gossip, competing with the other sounds on the street. Ghosts are a part of the mind that only fit with night thoughts, lonely thoughts. The kind of thoughts that sneaks into your head unnoticed. Spirits can glide into the life of a lonely thinker. Advice: Avoid this street and stay healthy.

The most feared ghosts are the spirits with broken hearts, but there are also other spirits, such as those with the crying voices of Calle San Luis. The sounds like crying fill the darkness, smelling voices and whispers are hard to resist. For example, there was a guard on a building site, who heard the crying and pleading voices that needed help. They pushed deep into his mind, so that he was petrified until the sun came up. Never was there again built on that site, no worker dared to work there again.

Calle Verde

Calle Verde also has a dark recent legend: On a Friday night in 1992, a guard made his rounds in one of the houses that were under construction. At five o'clock in the morning he called the police because he claimed to have seen a ghost of two meters in a robe and a long white hair, which smiled and passed through a wall. This legend will be stronger if we know that two skeletons were found in the work last afternoon.

Do you dare?!
Macarena is a beautiful neighborhood, visit the Basilica and the markets, as Calle San Luis is a quiet street during the day. Tourists can stroll and be seduced by the warmth that comes from the painted brick-built old houses. They can choose a hotel for the night, but the question is of course, did they choose to stay, or was it chosen for them? Do the spirits already have the tourist in their power?

Or are you choosing the Jewish quarter of Santa Cruz, where at night a ghost wanders through the streets of Calle Verde looking for his or her grave. So do you dare to sleep in a hotel there at night and stroll around in the dark?