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Casa de Pilatos and Cruz de Campo

24 Oct 2022

Today we are discussing one of the most beautiful palaces in Seville the Casa de Pilatos. This palace is not only a beautiful building but also has a special history, which is linked to the medieval monument of La Cruz del Campo. This monument has also become the name of one of the oldest Spanish beer brands, Cruzcampo.

Casa de Pilatos

One of the most beautiful palaces to visit in Seville is Casa de Pilatos, a real Andalusian palace, built with a mix of Italian Renaissance and Spanish Mudéjar, with its beautiful mosaics. The palace is also built with many Azulejos, which consists of the ceramic tiles, often with blue paint, and small paintings on it. The palace has beautifully kept gardens with lots of flowers and orange trees, which smells wonderful!

Don Pedro Enriquez built the palace at the end of the 15th century and started living with his wife Catalina de Ribera and their son. This son, Fadrique Enriques de Ribera, has completed the palace and invented the name: “Casa de Pilatos.

The road from Casa del Pilatos to Cruz del Campo

Inspired by his pilgrimage to Jerusalem in 1519, Fadrique Enriques de Ribera called his home to Pontius Pilate. The distance from his palace to the Templote de la Cruz del Campo was the same distance as between the ruins of the courthouse, where Pilate condemned Jesus, and the Golgoota mountain where Jesus was crucified.

La Cuz del Campo monument

La Cruz del Campo means the “Cross of the Field”. It is also called Template de la Cruz del Campo or, in the popular word "El Templite". It is a medieval sanctuary, whose construction seems to have begun with a wooden cross around 1380, but certainly, it was restored in 1482 with a stone cross. Since 1571, the monument has been given a marble cross, which is still standing.

Cruzcampo beer

Cruzcampo has been a beer brewer in Spain since 1904. Until 1967, sales were only aimed at the province of Andalusia, after which it was only sold throughout Spain. First, the beer was called “la Cruz del Campo“, because the brewery was near the Cruz del Campo. The brewery is still there, but the brand name has been shortened to Cruzcampo. They are now sponsors of the Spanish national football team. Today they are owned by Heineken, but they use their own brand name Cruzcampo.


After visiting the beautiful Casa de Pilatos palace, take the walk to the Cruz del Campo monument (almost two km) to admire this remarkable medieval monument. But you also find out how far the distance was. After that, it is recommended to walk four minutes to the Fundaccia de Cruzcampo, where you can enjoy the special beer from Tuesday to Friday in the Factorio Cruzcampo, the brewery café.