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Dia de las Hispanidad

14 Oct 2022

Seville has many national and local holidays, many of which are known all over the world. Slide de las Hispanidad, also known as Columbus Day, is a perfect example of such a holiday. In this blog I will tell you a little more about this special and important day.

Columbus Day’n such a national holiday in many countries such as South America and the United States, but also here in Spain it is celebrated in its own way. Many of us may know that on 12 October 1492 Columbus officially arrived with his ship in America. During Columbus Day we celebrate this particular event, which represents the first contact between two worlds.

In a number of South American countries and also in the US, the party has been modified or abolished or are against this celebration, because according to some, America was subjected to Europe and the continent collapsed in 300 years. Where the fact that Columbus discovered America was celebrated in the past, it is now celebrated that the blending of Europeans and Indians has created a new breed: Día de la Raza (day of the Race).
In Spain it is also a real national holiday with parades and military defilés and show of power in addition to processions, this year again, a comment whether this celebration should be celebrated, because this was the beginning of the exploitation of the original population in colonial times.

The first Columbus Day celebration took place in 1792, when the New York Colombian Order held an event commemorating the 300-year anniversary of the historic landing. Proud of the birthplace in Italy and the Catholic faith of Columbus, Italian and Catholic communities in various parts of America began to organize annual religious ceremonies and parades in honor of him. In 1892 it became the national holiday in Spain and in 1937 President Franklin D. Roosevelt Columbus Day as a national holiday.

The national holiday of October 12 is an excellent reason to discover the link between Seville and America and the traces of Christopher Columbus in the city. The heritage of his travels can be discovered in the Archivo de Indias, the Alcazar Audience Room and the monuments dedicated to him. Did you know that the tomb of Columbus is located in Seville's main cathedral? And located in a beautiful park, just behind the Alcazar and surrounded by Mediterranean crops, you will find the imposing monument erected in honor of Columbus. Magallanes Park pays tribute to his first journey around the earth, which he began from Seville.

Next to flag show there are processions in Seville on the national holiday. They begin or end with a solemn Mass. For example, there are processions ‘s ‘s the evening in Triana from the Santa Ana church and in the afternoon there in honor of the Virgen del Pilar de San Pedro from the San Pedro church.