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Christmas in Seville

23 Dec 2022

Christmas in Seville
Christmas is often cold in the Netherlands, but here in Seville you never have to wear gloves and you can sit on a terrace. Seville is fairy-tale lit, with Christmas stables everywhere and the smell of roasted chestnuts on every street corner. But for Dia de Navidad, Christmas Day, first Noche Buena!

Noche Buena, Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve is the time for family and friends to meet, eat, drink and be cheerful! The most important dinner of the year is on Christmas Eve with your family and friends. In Seville, you can feel at home if you don't want to cook at home but want to eat out on Christmas Eve. The ultimate in chic dining at the luxurious Hotel Alfonso XIII. For almost a hundred years, since 1929, you can eat on the beautiful Andalusian patio with antique mosaics and the central fountain. The kitchen is known for diversity with attention to detail and quality. But it is very pricey and every restaurant in Seville offers you a great dinner on Christmas Eve for a lot of reasonable prices and the atmosphere finally makes you happy with your family and friends. The Noche Buena will of course close you by going together to the night mass in one of the many churches in Seville.

Slide the Navidad, Christmas Day
On Christmas Day you have to enter the city. There is so much to see like Christmas stables and Christmas lights, to hear the Christmas choirs, to experience for large and small and to taste on every street corner and on every terrace! I am happy to give you these tips:

Villancicos, Christmas songs
Throughout the city, the Andalusian Christmas choirs and fevers sing the typical villancicos, Christmas songs. The choirs walk from square to square to sing some Christmas songs. Stand still, listen to them and feel the Christmas atmosphere. Would you dare to sing on the streets in the Netherlands?

Belenes of Nacimientos, Christmas stables
A Belén is a Christmas stable. Although Christmas trees are becoming more popular in the houses of Sevillians, there are many more Bethlehem Christmas stables in Seville. In many places in the city there are beautiful places to find and I warn you there are always queues to see the illuminated stables of Bethlehem. Examples include Belén del Arquillo, the classic at Seville's City Hall, the Bethlehem stable at Seville Cathedral or the Palace of the Marquis de la Algaba, a Christmas stable in mudejar style. All over the city are home-made Christmas stables and have almost every house or school but also shops and churches with their own Belén. There is a Christmas stable route through the city and all you have to do is follow the arrows. You can decide what your Christmas stable will look like, and this often yields very creative and original Belenes

Metropol Parasol and Christmas
At this beautiful new monument, it snowed 'real'. Christmas choirs, a 'living Christmas stable' can be found at Plaza de Encarnacion with exotic animals, theater figures, stories and a small market. The fairy-tale lighting on the parasol makes it a fairy tale.

Christmas for the kids in Seville
Sevillalandia is the Christmas park for the children. At the FIBES Conference Center, a Christmas park with more than a hundred attractions has been built. Or visit the kings of the Alcázar, namely Isabella I of Castile, Al-Mutamid and Carlos V and they will receive the little ones at the Alcázar to collect their letters with wishes and their good deeds for the Trinity Party to take them to their colleagues, the three sages, to be sent. The perfect Christmas activity for the kids in Seville. Or walk to the Christmas market on the Alameda de Hercules with a Christmas tree, Christmas market, a train for the children of Alameda de Hercules to Plaza de la Encarnacion, live animals such as camels and donkeys, Santa Claus and circus. In short: Very cozy!

Sevilla on Ice
If you want to feel like winter and go hand-in-hand with your loved one or roll your kids on the ice, go to the winter park at the Muelle de las Delicias, Sevilla on Ice, which we wrote about extensively in a previous blog. There is also the Christmas Circus with clowns, acrobats and even the Grinch is present…

Christmas lights in Seville
And when it gets dark, as mentioned in a previous blog, traditional Christmas lights on or above the streets and squares create a magical and cozy atmosphere. In Seville, many streets and squares are a light sea, where you can wander around. If you happen to walk past the town hall, enjoy the golden glow or walk past the cathedral, then enjoy the light game at the Giralda Tower. Seville in Christmas Lights: You will always remember!

Snack specialty in Seville
Is there a more Christmas and Sevillian snack than churros with chocolate? Churros baptized in hot chocolate are the delicacies of the gods. And of course you can taste the baked chestnuts.

Christmas in Seville is a fairytale experience. Get up early and enter the city!