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Sevilla feSt

25 Nov 2022

Sevilla Fest 2022, a moment of life on its head
Seville has a rich culture and there is a wonderful festival for dance and theater, which has been organized on five stages since 2006. Fest is the international festival for performing arts. This year is the motto "Son otros codigos. Vuelve el Fest", meaning: “There are other codes (non-confidential). The Fest is back.’’
This new Fest presents a program with a delicious mix of theater, dance, music, performance and shows for all ages. They are innovative and original performances with always surprising performances. The Fest makes the audience laugh, cry and share with the oldest art in the world: The theater.
It is about everything in life: Social issues, equality, sorrow and joy, adventures and setbacks, emotion and feelings.

So just a few shows
Interesting to see is La Mala Compañía with the show Muero “I'm already there”, a piece in which a dreamy, grotesque and musical response is given poetic to big questions like “What's on the other side?”. There is also a lot of dance like Manuela Nogales, the main representative of Andalusian contemporary dance. She shows beautiful body language and beauty in her dance piece. The festival concludes with the world premiere of Territorio Violeta y Producciones Circumares, the musical comedy “What am I going to do and I find it ".

Finally, at the final gala, the Seville Stage Awards are presented in fifteen categories to stimulate all forms of theater and performing arts.

Fest doesn't forget the children
Kids and their family will have the opportunity to enjoy various shows in this new edition of the Sevilla performing Arts Festival (Fest). Performances full of music, laughter and emotion for the whole family, such as a performance in which the arts of clown and music merge with much improvisation and interaction with the audience.

Dance is an important art form on the Fest
Dance is once again the leading player on the Fest. Dance is a way in which the artist expresses himself and communicates with his body. During this festival, the dance groups will bring together feelings, art and passion on stage.

What and where
The program can be found at where you can find information about the performances, so you can make a choice in one of the five theaters: Platea Odeon Imperdible, La Fundicion, Sala Cero, Viento sur Theater and TNT-Atalaya Center.

Why go to the Fest
No history, no beautiful palaces, no beautiful parks, just put life on its head. Fest will set your life upside down and it's for everyone with beautiful performances taking place in intimate theaters. Fest will give you a lot of fun and emotion when the lights go out in the theaters and the show starts. Find some beautiful shows and enjoy! Then, of course, the taps with a wine.