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calle Feria and its market

14 Nov 2022

Calle Feria

The Calle Feria in Seville is one of the streets with the most character and name. In the heart of Seville located five minutes walk from the Metropol parasol you will find the favorite street of many of our guides. Today we take you through the story of this special place.

El Mercado and the flea market
The market on Calle Feria is the oldest market in Seville and has existed since the 18th century. The Calle Feria market consists of two buildings with a small alley in the middle. Inside the market you will find food stalls with delicacies, fruit and vegetable stalls, and the various bars serve the popular pescaíto frito (fried fish). This market is open all days except Monday. Here you can shop for the best dishes in Seville. Located in the heart of Seville's Casco Antiguo, it owes its fame to the flea market, which takes place every Thursday. The sidewalks are full of stalls, mostly filled with antiques, flamenco dresses, books, ornaments, paintings, toys, sculptures, plants, sewing machines, old hairdressers, bird cages…and so on.

Calle Feria has been known since ancient times and belonged to the parish of Omnium Sanctorum and owes its name to the fact that one of the two fairgrounds awarded by Fernando III of Castilla to the city on March 18, 1254. It was traditionally a street of craftsmen, carpenters or apprentice painters.
In this street the uprising of the Green Flag took place in the 16th century, a popular uprising caused by famine. A crowd of as many as 10,000 people went to the town hall where they were first brought to rest because they were given wine. But the next day they took off arms and freed the prisoners. The insurrection was bloody ended and the four leaders were beheaded and as a deterrent the heads were placed in front of the palace windows.

Famous people from Calle Feria
In 1892 Juan Belmonte was born in Calle Feria de bullfighter, nicknamed "El Pasmo de Triana: The wonder of Triana. He is considered the greatest matador of all time. In 1948, the musician, singer and composer Jesús de la Rosa Luque , became one of the founders of the Andalusian rock group Triana. He sings in his song Rock Calle Feria: "Since I was born I have worn the life of Calle Feria deeply in me". The famous painter Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (1617-1682) also taught the profession in Calle Feria. He painted many religious works in peaceful atmospheres.

Omnium Sanctorum
The church of Omnium Sanctorum, located on Calle Feria de Sevilla, was built in 1249 and is the oldest church in Seville. It is a Gothic-mudejar church in Seville, where the Islamic building tradition was combined with Gothic art, from Christian conquerors from Castile. The church was renovated in the 14th and 15th centuries, due to the damage caused by the earthquake in 1356. The Gothic rectory, consisting of two first rectangular sections where a pentagonal piece was added.
The church was burned and plundered during the Spanish Civil War in 1936, after which the altarpiece made around 1630 by Diego Lomez Bueno with paintings by Francisco Varela disappeared. Later on, the church has been restored remarkably nicely and can now be admired in all its glory.

Tips:enjoy the gastronimie on Calle Feria
One of the best places to have a lunch is on the Calle Feria market, where you will find something for everyone. But above all you will find great seafood dishes and tapas at the local specialty beer bar Jaleo Guadalquibeer & Tapas.

At the end of the afternoon, the Casa Vizcaino bar on Calle Feria 27 is highly recommended. A great typical Sevillan bar with delicious tapas and a great service some of which work all their lives there. You can also enjoy it for a long time!
It is also recommended to take part in the tapas tours of Seville. Discover the culture of Seville and all the hidden corners, legends and places you wouldn't see without a local. .

A great bar where you can watch your favorite sports is Viriato Guevara & Lynch. This pub, sports bar is located in the heart of Seville, on the banks of the Madre María de la Purísima, 7 (beginning of Calle Feria) just a six-minute walk from Calle Feria Market. Great food, such as delicious quesadilla’s served by an incredibly friendly service. Even if you don't want to watch a football match, you're right here.

To end the day for the hipsters among us, La Bicicleteria on Calle Feria should not be missed. Hidden in a dark corner of Calle Feria, you used to find the entrance with two heavy metal doors, showing wear of years, with on both sides a plastic plate with the words "Toca Al Timbre": Call! Above there was an unlit red sign with the name of this clandesttien-like building: La Bicicletería. Today, La Bicletaria (forced by the pandemic) has gone along with its time and accessible to everyone. You'll meet a mix of people of all ages and backgrounds. Here you will make new friends with a nice wine and you will be sure to continue until the late hours. So don't miss this true part of Sevillan history!