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Real Betis

09 Dec 2022

Football in Seville
Bético or Sevillista? Real Betis or supporter of Seville FC? It is an important question in the Andalusian capital. Because Seville not only loves flamenco and tapas, but is also a football-mad city. The most fraught struggle for the honor of the city is undoubtedly the Gran Derbi Sevillano. Warm-blooded when the Andalusians are, a visit to a match of either club is a guarantee of atmosphere and football passion anyway. Real Betis supporters are known for their unconditional loyalty and have been voted the best supporters in Spain more than once. Although Seville FC thinks differently, because Seville has won FC more than Real Betis in recent years.

Real Betis matches during World Cup
As you probably didn't have escaped, the World Cup is currently taking place in Qatar. Therefore, there are no official competitions for the club teams. The best players from the 32 countries have traveled to the Arab world, but most professional footballers (and there are many of them of course) are just at their club and need to maintain their fitness and rhythm. Also at our own club Real Betis Balompié, for short Real Betis, we are planning competitions. Betis has invited three very good teams to practice competitions. First, Manchester United with Dutch trainer Erik ten Hag, and also Internazionale Milano and Atalanta Bergamo from Italy. The Dutch playing at these clubs are almost all now active at the World Cup with the most striking of course Denzel Dumfries by Inter Milan.

Real Betis Balompié the club
In 1907 a group of students founded the soccer club Sevilla Balompié. Balompié is an old Spanish word for football. This club merged with Betis FC in December 1914. Betis was the name of the river that flows through Seville as it used to be, before the Moors called him the Guadalquivir. The title “Royal” was awarded by King Alfonso XIII and now the club was called "Real Betis Balompié". Soon the game was played in green and white colors. The “Béticos” have known turbulent times. In the early 1930s they had great success, culminating in the country title of 1935, but the consequences of the civil war were devastating for the whole of Spain for Real Betis. In the 1950s, Real Betis had fallen to the third class. At that time, the fans found their identity, as it is still there today. Real Betis has found his "soul" in an expression that in the years 50 aroused the sympathy of all of Spain: "Viva er Beti manque piorda!". The poet Joaquín Romero Murube described it as follows: "Betis followers never let themselves be discouraged by defeats but right shoulder and take morals out of defeat in order to continue proud". Now Real Betis is one of Spain's top clubs to become and is on the sixth place of the Spanish league. Of course, there is Real Betis Féminas, which comes out in the Iberdrola League, the highest division of Spanish women's football and they are in twelfth place. A well-known Dutchman who played for Real Betis is Rafael van der Vaart, now an expert at the NOS during the Dutch national team.

Match Tips
Head to one of the Benito Villamarín Stadium matches on Seville's Avenida de la Palmera. They play on Saturday, December 10 against Manchester United or on December 17 against Internazionale, both starting at 6 o'clock. On Friday, December 23, ´´Los Verdiblancos´´ will join Atalanta Bergamo at five o'clock.
And be one with the Béticos supporters' club and know that a defeat will make you stronger, not pick up your shoulders, but with new enthusiasm for the next game: "Viva er Beti manque pierda!".