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Christmas lights in Seville

08 Dec 2022

The traditional Christmas lights on or above the streets and squares in Spain always create a mysterious and cozy atmosphere. Today‘s Christmas lights are no longer as bright as they were a few years ago. The arrival of the energy efficient and easy-to-maintain LED lighting has made it possible to see the most beautiful creations in the Spanish cities. They are truly works of art due to the beautiful colors and shapes. The sky above Seville is transformed into a light-colored sea. The luminous micro spheres and the garlands hang across the streets and in the trees in different colors and artsy shapes.

Where to see
This year, 288 streets and squares in all areas of the city are lit up with Christmas lights, so wander around in this light sea. As every year, the town hall will be decorated in gold and three beautiful Christmas trees of different sizes will be installed at Plaza Nueva.
This Christmas there will be a light show in Seville with two 16 meters tall domes filled with light bulbs that create a great visual spectacle: The light and music show at the Plaza de San Francisco!

New this year in Seville is that the light game is designed to be projected onto the Giralda and the tower becomes a unique spectacle.

When will the Christmas lights come on
The high-price energy crisis also plays a major role with Christmas lighting and there must be less light. The Seville City Council therefore decided not to take up the lights on 25 November but on 5 December, unfortunately also less hours a day, but that is understandable. That's why the lights are on from 18.30 am to 22.00 pm on weekdays and until 23.00 pm on weekends and public holidays. On Christmas Eve, New Year ’s and New Year's Day they stay lit until 01.00. The adjusted times and efficient LED technology will reduce the electricity bill by around 30 percent this Christmas. The municipal authorities would like to set an example in this way.

The lights are of course lit for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary which is always celebrated by the Catholic Church on December 8 (nine months before Maria‘s birth). In Spain it is a free day, so the lights will be festive and turned on.

Enjoy the Christmas lights in Seville 2022 with your family and friends
Go ’s for a stroll with your family, family and friends in the evening through the many illuminated streets and streets, passing the works of light such as the Giralda tower, but also the lighting of the shops with the beautiful church windows you have to stop at times. And keep looking up at all that lighting, even though you will occasionally clash with someone because it's busy!
You don't have an excuse not to visit the city of Seville full of Christmas lights, you will always remember the magical moments of flaming and shining.

Of course there is much more to do in Christmas time like viewing the Christmas stables, but more about that in my next blog!