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Sevilla on Ice

16 Dec 2022

Seville on Ice
In the Netherlands there is light skating fever these days. There is now the first natural ice cream this winter. But if you are in Seville …. Then you can enjoy the ice cream at Seville on Ice, Europe's best and largest winter fun park with 80,000 m² of fun and delicious food.
There are several ice skating rinks and many more attractions, such as a Ferris wheel and a real Christmas circus. It's wonderful to go with your family and you've been warned: Your children don't want to leave! Or go for a day with your friends, have fun on the ice and in the amusement park.

Major attractions outside the ice rink
This year there is a really big Christmas circus for the first time. An old-fashioned circus with magic, trapeze artists and clowns. Feel your child again and enjoy. Another attraction is the largest Ferris wheel, fifty meters high from England, which allows visitors to see the city from the air. The Ferris wheel in Seville was never so high. Yes, the Giralda tower is twice as high, but wobbling in a box overlooking the city is a completely different experience. You can visit the traditional houses of Santa Claus and the three Kings. You can also enjoy the witch train, the crash cars and various other fairground attractions. Don't forget to eat and eat delicious food. There are also musicals for the youngest, for the whole family like the Harry Potter musical and a years ‘80 ‘90's musical for adults.

Ice courses
Seville on Ice has an XXL ice rink of 2,000 m² - the largest in Spain - with a beautiful big Christmas tree with blue lights in the middle. Everyone is skating on ice skating and ice hockey, because Spaniards are skating on Norwegians? There is an ice rink for the little ones with a nice ice slide. The Spanish are not used to wearing gloves, so there are signs everywhere that gloves are mandatory on the ice rink.

Spaniards on the ice
Spaniards on Norwegians? No, at the Olympic Games there are no long distance participants from Spain. Spain does not have 400-meter jobs like us in the Netherlands. There are no famous Spanish skaters, although there is now a young Spaniard who can sprint well and became second at the World Junior Championships this year. I have been told that at the end of the year ‘70 a Spaniard participated in the European Championships. He was very popular with the Dutch skate public, Ántonio Gomez. His highest score was 25th place. His daughter later joined the women. She did a nice job until she was unfortunately injured. She was called Beatrix (!), because her father was so popular in the Netherlands, he named her after our former queen.
But they can do art skating in Spain! Not so crazy they can dance beautifully, think of flamenco. For example, in the years 2012-2016, Javier Fernández Lipez was European and World Champion several times. In 2018 he won bronze at the Olympic Games. What's so fun now? We in the Netherlands are not able to make good ice skating, and that is why the same Javier Fernández Lappez trainer of the Dutch figure skating skaters is now going to be. So we really learn flamenco dancing on the ice! And I am curious to know if we are getting to grips with that.

Where and when Seville on Ice
Seville on Ice is in one location this year: El Muelle de las Delicias, the Delicias pier, on the river. Opening hours are from 5 ’s to 11:00 in the evening and on weekends and public holidays from 12:00 to midnight. Prices are surprisingly low. Make sure to spend a day enjoying the sparkling winter ice cream in Seville on Ice!