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Feria de Abril

12 May 2022

This is a week of partying, that lasts from Saturday to Saturday. Every day of this party week starts with a parade of carriages. The location of this huge event is mainly on a terrain opposite of the Maria Louisa Park on the other side of the river, this location is called the Real de la Feria de Abril.

This yearly fair is like a small town, the entire terrain is filled with Casetas. Casetas are personalized tents or booths. These Casetas belong to prominent families, clubs, political parties, or groups of friends. Between 21:00 and 7:00 you’ll find Sevillians partying, drinking sherry, manzanilla or rebujito. Tapas stalls are present of course. A small amusement park is built on the terrain, with a rollercoaster and Ferris wheel.

The agenda looks like this, the first night starts with noche del alumbrao (night of the lighting) and la noche del pescaíto (night of the fish). Noche de alumbrao marks the start of the feria, all the lights turn on at the same time. La noche de pescaíto, is the night on which fish is the traditional dish. After this night it’s mostly partying, a lot of flamenco dancing, the amusement park is busy, and a lot of drinking will happen. The fiesta ends with the all the lights turning of and fireworks show