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How do you spend 4 days in Seville?

27 May 2023

Yes, this is a very good question and I will help you with this. Because how can you spend those 4 days the best in a city with so much to see? This blog will help you with this and we make sure you do not miss anything in your 4 days in Seville.

Day 1:
It wouldn't be day one if you didn't start your first day with a bike tour. With this you see a large part of the city and you immediately have a first impression of the city and of course, not unimportant, a sense of direction! You will be at the door here at 9:45 and will be neatly dropped off again at 1:00 PM. After this you rent the bicycles for the afternoon and you cycle to Tirana. There you stop at Mercado de Triana to have lunch. From there you cycle a lot along the north. On your right you will see the Guadalquivir. You then return the bicycles around 20:00. After this you walk to the Setas and you are going out for diner over there. For example at La Malvaloca.

Day 2:
This day will be the day of the monuments. You have chosen to visit the Cathedral and its beautiful Giralda. And of course not to forget the Real Alcazar. You have already bought the tickets for these monuments online. Because this will save you a lot of time. For the Cathedral you have the start time of 11:30. For the Cathedral and the Giralda tower, your visit will take approximately 1.5 hours. Here you walk around and the Giralda gives you a beautiful view of the city. You will come out around 1:00 PM, then you will be at the beginning of the street Mateos Gago. Cozy street with lots of tapas bars. Here you have lunch. At 3:00 PM you have the Real Alcazar. For this you take at least 3 hours to see everything. These are beautiful gardens and well worth a visit. Around 6:00 PM you will come out and return to your hotel or apartment and take a dip in the pool. Get ready and on to the next restaurant. You are going to eat at El Pinton, cozy restaurant! Don't forget to make an online reservation.

Day 3:
On day 3 you want to get out of the city and choose to participate in the Italica tour. This is a bike tour with which you can go 10 km outside the city with a guide. You leave here at 9:00 AM and are dropped off at the door at 14:00 PM. Then of course you are at the door and you are starving, so it is time to eat paella. This is possible around the corner from us at El 3 De Oro. Here you are at least 2 hours enjoying the sun and the paella. It is then 4:00 PM and you will then visit Casa De Pilates. One of the most beautiful historic buildings of the city. You take an hour for that. It is now 5:30 PM. It's time to walk on to De Setas. This is that beautiful modern building that goes right in the center of the city. You go up on this and this gives you a beautiful view over Seville. You will come down again around 8:00 PM and then look for one of the oldest bars in Seville. We recommend that you go to Bodgea Gongora or Bar Alfafa. Here you can taste the typical authentic tapas, of course not unimportant during your visit to Seville!

Day 4:
This day you will take a walk towards the park of Maria Luisa. This is an earlier backyard of these princes and it is made into a beautiful city garden. You do a stop at Terraza Bellindo. This is a nice bar in the middle of the park. From there you walk on to the Plaza de Epaña. This beautiful building will take you some time to visit and of course not to forget the flamenco dance that is always done under that beautiful building. You then eat a small sandwich along the way. And then come back to our store and participate in the tapes tour. Here you will be out at 5:00 PM and you will be back at 8:00 PM. You have eaten some tasty tapas and now continue to a roof terrace to enjoy your last evening and watch the sunset. For example you can do this at Lobby hotel or Castella Art. Both beautiful rooftops bar and of course most important a beautiful view. You go back to your hotel or apartment and the next morning it is unfortunately already time to go back home.

Unfortunately, this was already your holiday in Seville. It has flown by and of course, it is worth coming back again!