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Watersports in the Guadalquivir

02 Jun 2023

Are you still looking for a bit of cooling down and do you think the sea is too far? Then there is also the possibility to perform various water sports on the Guadalquivir. This way you can dab, kayak and row.

The Guadalquivir:

This river used to be one of the largest ports in the world. The river is now 604 km long and therefore also mouths from the Cádiz sun 140 km below Seville. This river is so famous for the various water sports because there is no up / down current on the Guadalquivir and no freight traffic. So all you see passing by are tour ships, suppers, kayakers and rowers. This water is also very well known for the various European and World Cups that are held on the Guadalquivir for these reasons as well. There is also training for those European and World Cups on the Guadalquivir.


During the supping you get a large surfboard and a paddle. This costs 25 for 2 hours. And here you have time to view Seville from the water, sunbathe and sail around. This is definitely worth it if you enjoy being owned by water sports.

Kayaking and rowing:

This is also one of the things you can do in the Guadalquivir. You will then receive a boat with which you can sail on the Guadalquivir. This costs 35. This also allows you to view Seville from the water and see the city from the other side. If you want to know more about maritime shipping in Seville, you can also choose to go into the water with a guide. The guide will then tell you more about the history of the Guadalquivir.

During the daily tour, more is told about the Guadalquivir and the water sports you can do on it. So ask one of our guides.