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4 culinary addresses in Seville

28 Mar 2017

                                      food in seville

Are you on a city trip in Seville and you have no idea where to eat or to drink? Here you have a list with 4 culinary addresses where you can eat and drink very delicious during your stay in Seville.                                                                     

1. La Chalá

La Chalá is the most original tapas bar of Seville. They have culinary Andalusian cuisine with an Asian touch. Have 

dinner on colourful tables between the joyful orange trees. One tip: Order the modern ‘Serranito roll’. These are the famous spring rolls. Very delicious and tasteful.La Chalá is really popular in Seville. So, do not come late for dinner. Unfortunately you cannot book a table.

The address: Plaza Puerta Real 6, 41002 Seville

Prices start from €3,00


2. Espacio Eslava

One of the best tapas b

ars of Seville is Espacio Eslava. You can eat delicious, culinary tapas for a good price.What’s so typcal on Espacio Eslava? Well, you can eat traditional Andalusian tapas here. Don’t leave the restaurant before you have eaten ‘Cigarro para Becquér’. Small tip: Come before 8pm otherwise you will not have a table to taste this very good tapas.  

The address: Eslava 3, 41002 Seville.

Prices start from €2,90



3. Creéme Helado

If you are a real ice-cream lover, Creéme Helado is the perfect match. They make their ice with a secret recipe. The basic ingredients? Fresh seasonal products!

The presentation of the ice in the cups is very artistic. It looks very tempting to order some ice cream. You can take an ice cream cone or an ice cream cup in different sizes.

Good news for fans of gluten and lactose-free products, Creéme Helado offers gluten and lactose-free ice cream.I can tell you, the owner of this ice cream salon is really proud of his creations!

And now, I think it is time for ice cream!

Prices start from €2,50

4. ConTenedor

ConTenedor is a popular slow food-restaurant where they work with local biological products. Did you know

that the most of the products originate from the mountains in the north of Seville?

You have a wide range of dishes. Keep in mind, these are not tapas but big dishes. One nice thing to know: Every Tuesday, there is an acoustic concert. Book your table in advance.

Prices start from €15,00