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Beer in Seville

20 Dec 2021

Seville is known for many different things; tapas, flamenco, but not really for the beer.
Yet here is a brand of beer that is extremely popular among the Sevillians. "Cruzcampo". You can often find the name on shutters or chairs of cafes and if you sit on the terrace or in a restaurant and you ask for a beer, you will most likely get Cruzcampo beer.
I'm going to tell you more about this today.

Origin Cruzcampo
Cruzcampo was founded in 1904 by two brothers from an entrepreneurial family, which originally called it "La Cruz del Campo". Cruzcampo was the first Spanish beer to switch from wooden barrels to an aluminum variant. This quickly became very popular in Seville and has emerged as one of the few Spanish brands to break through on the international market.
If you are in Seville, it is definitely recommended to visit the factory. It gives a wide range of restaurants, where you can drink the perfect food with your beer.
Only there is not one Cruzcampo factory here, but two.

The factories.
So there are two Cruzcampo factories in Seville. The old Cruzcampo factory and a new one since 2008. Beer is no longer brewed in the old Cruzcampo factory, although on a small scale. You can still go to this old factory to try different beers and eat something delicious with it. Full beer is brewed in the new factory and this is one of the largest in Europe with a production of 90 000 cans of beer per hour!

Cruzcampo mainly focuses on the home market and therefore all breweries are located within the Spanish borders. Cruzcampo has 4 breweries in Madrid, Jaén, Valencia and Seville. The brand is mainly known as a sponsor of the Spanish national football team.

We often drink a Cruzcampo beer with our colleagues after work, we like it very much, we are curious what you think of it!