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Did you know this about Spain?

03 Feb 2014

Spain has the most bars and cafes throughout Europe, with 300.000 on the amount of 47 million Spaniards

  • You can still find a lot of Moorish architecture in Andalusia. After all, this region was the last place (the Kingdom of Granada) were the Moors stayed until they were expelled in 1492 from Europe. The most famous remains of the Moors are the Alhambra in Granada, the Mezquita in Cordoba and Torro del Oro and the Giralda tower in Seville.

  • Andalusia is the home of Flamenco. Presumably, it was created by gypsy music mixed with Indian, Christian, Jewish and Moorish influences.                 

  • The painters Picasso and Velazquez are originally from Andalusia.

  • Sherry is one of the most known special drinks of Andalusia and is originally from Jerez de la Frontera, where you can find a lot of ‘bodegas’.                                        The soil of Jerez is perfect for the sherry grapes.

  • Spain has more than 8000 km of beaches.

  • On New Year’s Eve at 12 o’clock the Spaniards eat 12 grapes at every stroke on the clock, they say every month in the New Year will be in sigh of fertility.

  • Spain is one of the most decentralized democracies in Europe. Each of its 17 regions manages its own schools, hospitals, and other public services.

  • Penelope Cruz was the first Spanish actor to win an Oscar for best supporting actress for her role in the 2008 romantic comedy Vicky Cristina Barcelona.    

  • For nearly 500 years Roman Catholicism was the official religion of Spain. It ceased to be the official religion of Spain in 1977. Around 85% of Spanish consider themselves Catholic and 40% go to church regularly. There are around 350,000 Protestants, 400,000 Muslims, and 15,000 Jews.

  • Spain is the closet country to Africa and the southern city Tarifa is only 14 km away from it.

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