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28 Mar 2022

Spain. Especially Andalusia, is known for its flamenco. In many regions you can see Flamenco
performances, but the origin of the style is from the southern regions and certainly
noticeable! But what exactly is flamenco? You can read more about this here.

Flamenco originated from a mix of different cultures, such as from the gypsies and from the
Spanish culture. Little is known about the direct origin of Flamenco, but an enormous
number of cultures have contributed to it. In addition, Andalusia and other southern areas
have contributed a lot to the development of flamenco.

Did you know???
The music of Flamenco is not written down but passed on to each other through various
generations. So new elements are added every time

Features of Flamenco
The foundation of Flamenco is the singing. This can be accompanied by music and dance.
There is a strong rhythm in the music and the music is ‘decorated’ by all kinds of instruments
and vocals.

How can you recognize it?
The singing. This is often accompanied by rhythmic tapping, for example on tables, guitars or
clapping in the hands. Nowadays you often hear Spanish guitars and drums. You can
recognize the dance associated with flamenco by the complicated and fast work of hands
and feet.