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Fun Facts about Seville

16 Jan 2019

Always have been curious about the funny part of Seville? In this blog we will describe some fun facts of Seville!


Did you know that the Sevillian people often don't eat breakfast at home? They usually prefer to eat their breakfast outdoors. In Spain this is not very expensive, in comparison to other countries, and also very delicious and authentic. You can choose a lot of different kind of breakfasts. For example, you can just take a simple yogurt with some fruits in there, or you can order a typical Sevillian breakfast, like a tostada (toast) with tomato and olive oil or just a bocadillo with jamón (bread with cured ham). As a drink, you can take a coffee, tea or just an orange juice, whatever you like in the morning!


When I say the word Tortilla, you are probably thinking about the Mexican tortilla, but in Spain the tortilla has a different meaning. The tortilla is still food, but instead of Mexican corn bread, the tortilla in Spain is an egg omelet with potato. You can eat the tortilla without anything, but you can also eat it with some bread for your lunch. There are different variations on the tortilla: plain, with tomato, spinach, cured ham etc.


In 2012 Seville was named 'the city of the 4.000 bars' by Diario de Sevilla, so that would have meant that there was one bar for every 180 inhabitants of the city. Now we're in 2019, so probally there are more bars in the city. So who knows, maybe there is 1 bar for every 50 people right now!
It is common that you see a lot of dirty napkins and maybe some olive pits on the floors of busy and popular bars in Seville. Don't take this the wrong way, this doesn't mean that Sevillians are messy, it means that they really enjoyed the food and are having a good time! So don't get scared when you see a messy restaurant, because this is just the work of some locals which wanted to let you know the food was good.


As a youngster in Seville, it can be quite expensive to go out for a drink before you head to the club. So a lot of youngsters go to the park with their 1-liter bottles of cheap Cruzcampo beer and drink there before they will have a night full of expensive drinks in the club. We call this Botellon.


Did you know that Columbus his grave is currently in Seville? The tomb of Christopher Columbus in the Sevilla Cathedral is carried by four kings representing the kingdoms of Spain. We will tell you more information about Columbus in Seville during our Daily bike tour


Spain has 47 buildings which are on the world heritage list of UNESCO. Seville counts 3 of these buildings; The Real Alcázar, the Cathedral and Archivo de Indias. Recently, we have made a vlog about the UNESCO buildings in Seville, so if you want to know more, click this link


Off course, the language in Seville is also Spanish, like in the rest of Spain. But, in Seville, the Spanish is a little bit different. In Seville the locals talk veeeery fast and next to that, they shorten words. For example, Hasta luego in Spanish, which means See you soon is normal to say, but in Seville, they only say "Taluego". We have a video on the Sevillian accent on our YouTube channel!


Just before Christmas, the biggest lottery of the whole year will be there for everyone in Spain. You can buy your tickets at local stores. During this time, you will see giant lines in front of these stores, because everyone wants to own one of these tickets (and of course they hope they will win the lottery ;))

There are lots more fun facts to tell you about Seville, but because this city is so precious, we would like you to figure them out by yourselves! We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and that we will see you around at our company!