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How To Spend One Day In Sevilla

29 Dec 2018

One day in Seville

You are close by Sevilla and you decide to visit Sevilla for just one day until you continue your journey to another city. But, what should you do in just one day in Sevilla to get the most out of your day?! In this blog we will help you around a little bit by telling you some activities which you could do in Sevilla to make the most out of your one-day trip.

This blog is divided in three parts; first we will tell you what you could do in the mornings, secondly what you could do in the afternoon and eventually we will tell you what you could do best in the evening.

The Morning

After you woke up, it is time to make yourself ready and go to Sevilla. If you want to make the most out of your day, it is recommended to get up early. Once you are in Sevilla, it is time for your breakfast. A lot of people eat breakfast outdoors in Sevilla. This is a cheap way to do and also very delicious and authentic. You can choose a lot of different kind of breakfasts. For example, you can just take a simple yogurt with some fruits in there, or you can order a typical Sevillian breakfast, like a tostada (toast) with tomato and olive oil or just a bocadillo with jamón (bread with cured ham). As a drink, you can take a coffee, tea or just an orange juice, whatever you like in the morning! 


After you have had some breakfast, it is time to explore the city a little bit by walking through. Just a little bit, because at 10 AM is it time to do a bike tour. Why a bike tour? Well, this is the best and fastest way to explore the city. Aside from that, you will also learn a lot of the history about the city which is told by a professional guide and you will get well-orientated around the city, so it is easier to walk around the city because you will recognize some things from the bike tour. This bike tour will take you around the city center, but it will also take you around Triana and the Maria Luisa Park. Those two sights are a little bit out of the city center, so it is better to visit these by bike during the tour so you do not have to lose your time by walking to these sights. The bike tour will last for three hours, so the tour will end at 1 PM. After the tour, you can ask your guide for some tips about restaurants to have some really good tapas. Your guide lives in Sevilla, so he/she knows best where you can find some good tapas.

The Afternoon

After the bike tour it is time for some lunch. Close to our bike company, there is a Mercado next to the Triana bridge. It is approximately a 5-minute walk from the company to this Mercado. We recommend you to eat your lunch here because in this Mercado you can choose a lot of different authentic dishes of Spain. For example, you can eat some paella, fried fish, croquetas or just some bread with jamón. They have everything in there! In the past, we made a vlog about this Mercado, so if you are curious about what it looks like, go check it out via this link:
After you have had an amazing lunch at the Mercado, it is time for some sight seeing. The most popular sights to visit in Sevilla are the Cathedral and the Real Alcazar palace. The Cathedral is popular because it is the third-biggest cathedral around the world. Also, we have the tomb of Christopher Columbus in here. Columbus ( was a very important person for the history of Sevilla, so it is really nice to have his tomb still over here in the Cathedral. The Real Alcazar palace has become popular because of its beautiful gardens but also because of its history. The Alcazar was originally built by the Romans in 400, later on the Islamic people took over the Alcazar. In that time, the Alcazar served as a way to protect the city from intruders. Later on, the Alcazar was taken over by the Catholics and that was the time this big building was used as a palace where the royal family has lived. Because you are only in Sevilla for one day, it is best to take out approximately 4 hours to visit both the Cathedral and the Alcazar Palace.

So, around 6 PM you are done with exploring the most cultural and popular sights in Sevilla, so right now it is time to relax a little bit. Sevilla is known for its many restaurants and teracces everywhere, so it could be an idea to just chill around at a terrace and have a sangria, but it is also an option to go to the shopping streets to shop some new stuff! You can also visit the Metropol Parasol which is in the middle of the city center. You can go on top of this mushroom-looking building, and over there you can enjoy a view over whole Sevilla. Tip: Go here while the sun is going under for some spectacular views and photo moments with the sky changing colors! 

Metropol Parasol

The Evening

Right now it is time to have some dinner, and what is a better way than to have dinner with tapas in Sevilla?! Dinner time in Spain starts around 8 PM. As I have said before in this blog, there are many restaurants in Sevilla you could choose from, but your tour guide from earlier today maybe gave you a tip about a good restaurant in the city, so you can immediately go there to have some really good food.
After you have had some dinner, it is nice to walk over the Avenida de la Constitucion to take a ice cream at one of the many ice cream shops over there. It is a really nice way to enjoy your dessert, because you can look around the city while eating your dessert. At night time a lot of buildings in Sevilla are lighted up by several lights which makes the buildings even more prettier.
At night time you can also go to a local bar to have some locally brewed beers, a sangria, tinto de verano or whatever drink you want. Over here you van merge in with the local people and enjoy their ambiance.
So far this blog. We hope you can spend your one-day-trip to Sevilla a little bit better with these tips of us. You can also check our vlog in which we show you what you can do in one day in this amazing city!